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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of April 26, 2004


2. Chair's Report (Tiles)
6. Committee Reports

Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers (after 3:15), Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa (after 3:45), Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

The meeting was called to order at about 3:02 pm.

1. Minutes from the April 19th meeting were approved as amended.

2. Chair's Report (Tiles)

a. Tiles and Schroeder attended the Committee to Streamline Processes meeting. There is nothing substantive to report.

b. Tiles and Schroeder met with VPAA McClain to discuss consultation and articulation. An implementation memo on articulation will be forthcoming from VPAA. VPAA also agreed that all system level decisions/discussions/proposals affecting any academic unit or campus must be sent to the Senate of the affected parties. A copy should also be sent to the ACCFSC.

c. The Budget advisory Committee of the ACCFSC is now operational. VPAA now has party to consult with during the summer and throughout the year.

d. ME met on 4/26/04.

-UHM ends the year approximately $7M in the red; thus we will begin the next year a smaller carryover balance than this year. VC Sakaguchi, in his stocktaking presentation to the Council of Chancellors, made it clear that any budget reductions to UHM will inevitably result in program reductions.

-A&H and LLL begin the next year with budget shortfalls that will impact course offerings. Chancellor reminded ME that he had asked deans repeatedly to live within their budgets. VC Sakaguchi will report on deans' ways of handling this request.

-Karl Kim reported on the deficit involving library serials. A combination of additional funding, such as RTRF money from the System, and a $10 per semester student use fee would save the day. Englert will establish a group that will look into possible student fee increases in various areas.

-The Council of Chancellors has chosen Englert to chair a new group on mission clarification.

-A review of personnel files indicated that 217 UHM faculty members (approximately 10% of the faculty) have 30 or more years of service. Retirement incentives would likely have some impact on their futures.

-The legislature may pass an alternative retirement plan. The legislature is still considering a bill to rescind RCUH's freedom from the state procurement code..

c. ACCFSC has had extensive email discussion on its possible role in mediating between the president and the BOR. Thus far, there is no clear consensus.

d. The CFS nominee to COPRA is classified R. Someone noted that the traditional nominee is from I. SEC has no problem with the R status of the nominee.

e. The VPAA website includes a 3/04 UH system report to WASC's ACCJC. The report is worthy of faculty review.

f. The president's Advisory Council on priorities will meet on 4/27.

g. A 4/21 memo from VPAA makes all EIF funding available to support "course redesign." The VPAA has announced a 5/6 planning meeting on course redesign as an opportunity for CAOs to learn more about this area.

h. Tables at the Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner are available for $1,000.

i. The President has promised a Lyon Arboretum review before the next BOR meeting. Tiles will draft a letter to convener Gaines noting that the incredibly tight timeline for a process that could have begun several months ago makes it impossible for UHM faculty members to participate in the review in responsible ways.

j. The VPAA has proposed a reconstitution of the system Council on Articulation. ACCFSC was consulted. The new UHM members, appointed by Chancellor Englert, are VCAA Smatresk, Jan Heu, Ron Cambra, and Mary Tiles someone else. The ACCFSC needs to appoint a liaison.

3. The interviews with dean of Social Work candidates have been rescheduled. Several SEC members will participate.

4. Agenda for SEC meeting with Chancellor on 5/4

a. The FS Banner resolution.

b. Monitoring of progress on FS resolutions.

c. What is going to happen to the VCAA office?

d. What is going to happen to the Graduate Division?

5. FS agenda for 5/5

a. Acceptance of standing committee reports.

b. CAPP resolution on admissions. Tiles will report SEC concerns to CAPP this week.

c. CAB resolution on mission clarification and budgeting.

6. Committee Reports

a. GEC discussions continue to be dominated by articulation issues. Many unanswered questions concern the role of individual campus faculty members ' proper roles in system deliberations.

7. Other Business a. The legislature last week heard reports on global issues and public health. There was no administrator to represent UHM input.

b. The FS's new Research Committee will have to look at federal regulations as they relate to faculty-member responsibility in many areas, including research that involves animals.

c. The CFS will review procedures for nominating senators to SEC.

d. FS standing committees may meet over the summer if a quorum is possible. If they do not meet, SEC will have to act in their stead.

e. Tiles reported a conversation with Crislip from the Chancellor's office noting that BOR may want to consider including OSA at its July meeting. SEC noted that it would be impossible for the Faculty Senate to review any OSA reorganization during the summer, and recommended that action by postponed until fall at the earliest.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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