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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of May 10, 2004

Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

Absent: Jill Nunokawa

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:07 p.m.

1. The minutes of the 5/3/04 SEC meeting were approved.

2. The draft minutes from the 5/5/04 Senate meeting were revised for distribution at the first Senate meeting of the fall.

3. Chair's Report (Tiles)

a. At least one SEC member was able to interview each of the candidates for dean of Social Work. The SEC consensus on candidates will be forwarded to the search committee.

b. The Manoa budget advisory group met in two subgroups, one to draft reasonable performance indicators, the other to draft hallmarks for transparency in budgeting. The performance indicator group is readying a report for the full group. The transparency group is still meeting.

c. The system sponsored a meeting on 5/6 regarding a course-redesign initiative. All EIF money for the next fiscal year will support this initiative. SEC, along with members of ACCFSC, questioned the extent to which faculty members were consulted in the decision to so allocate EIF funding. Nonetheless, some SEC members are intrigued by possibilities offered by this initiative. It was suggested that fully efficient use of technology for course redesign may obviate the need for a West Oahu campus.

d. The chair provided an email summary on the legislature's decision to change UH accountability under procurement statutes. The Senate's decision was clearly linked to legislator objections to UH decisions on the Kakaako development.

e. MME met on 5/10.

-Much of the meeting involved update on budgeting, with a focus on the College of A&H.

-Retirement incentives discussed included a UH optional retirement system; provision of realistic counseling to faculty members eligible for retirement; and the creation of part-time employment opportunities within UH for retired professors.

f. The chair met with the Chancellor to discuss ongoing issues in his relationship with the faculty, as well as a role for the system that is appropriate in light of campus responsibilities.

4. New Business

a. SEC considered a draft of new-senator appointments to standing committees based on new-senator preference.

b. SEC discussed possible faculty appointments to the Banner taskforce.

c. SEC discussed possible faculty appointments to UCA.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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