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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 7, 2004

Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order at 2:04 pm.

Present: Tom Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Martha Crosby, Robert Bley-Vroman, Janice Uchida, Roger Lukas. Charlotte Mitsutani was present but excused herself while the SEC met for the first hour with VCAA Neal Smatresk.

No actions were taken.

The one-hour meeting with Smatresk centered on admission standards and policies (SAT scores, GPA of 2.0 versus 2.5, E5209, growing West Oahu and Hilo, enrollment management and cap) and the general education diversification articulation (the SEC urged getting HCC and Kapiolani CC chancellor's signatures ASAP on the latest policy; the June 9 article in the local papers; an upcoming meeting of SACAO with a floating purpose).

VCAA Smatresk asked again about "expediting" approvals of CC courses that meet the diversification requirements. The SEC remained firm that that syllabi need to be submitted for the courses. In response to the VCAA's question about who would read all the syllabi, the answer was it would be done by a faculty committee (perhaps the GEC but probably another committee).

At approximately 3:00 pm, the meeting with VCAA Smatresk ended. Charlotte Mitsutani returned.

Mary Tiles reported on BOR meetings and new websites for the system and Manoa. At the BOR the main issues were the Foundation/Dobelle, West Oahu and Lyon Arboretum. About the new websites: it is hoped that all the bugs will be discovered and removed over the summer.

Tom Schroeder reported on SBAG (meeting weekly, working with stock taking documents and wish lists), University Community Partnership (Centennial preparations), MME, MLT, and a professional visit to UA in Fairbanks (examples of faculty governance).

MME: maybe charge for emeritus parking; $120,000 parking office deficit cash flow balance down to 8 million from 17 million athletics deficit (reduced somewhat; 5 year plan done)

Janice Uchida discussed a grant proposal for a type of faculty mentoring.

While no actions were taken, there was a general point of view that we need to effectively persuade the Board of Regents that Manoa is not a cash cow from which funds can be taken to rescue floundering or improvident programs (athletics, Lyon Arboretum, A&H, LLL serve as examples that cannot continue with business as usual without major new funds). The biggest of all, properly funding the new medical school, has not been acknowledged by the UH administration or the BOR.

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