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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 14, 2004

Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:10 pm.

Present: Tiles, Bley-Vroman, Lukas, Mitsutani, Dator and Ramsey.

No actions were taken.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes corrected that Martha Crosby and not Janice Uchida brought forward a mentoring proposal.

Agenda Item 2: The Chair reported on MLT, an articulation meeting, McLean on E/O, Hilgers' casual meeting with a WASC official (RW), PAC (President's Advisory Council).

Bley-Vroman and Schroeder were also present at the MLT meeting. Highlights:

---review of OFDAS (initiated by whom? done by whom? role of mentoring?)

---difficulty of knowing Parking's books (request to open them)

---spending down fund balances (from 17 mill to 8 mill---according to the June 7 minutes)

---2% contingency fund at the Chancellor's level---a weak version of the 4-4-4

---mutterings from Rodney Sakaguchi about RTRF chancellor's share not going to any unit already receiving RTRF

---the admin continues to miscontrue the conversion process for temporary faculty to permanent

---any ideas for a summer commencement speaker

---Cambra is looking for new video/photos for undergraduate recruitment

---MLT consists of over 40 people; Deans, Directors, ASUH, GSO

---the Manoa, KCC and Honolulu CC chancellors signed a foundations agreement about articulation; apparently, a diversification agreement is now on our agenda

---arguments against McLean on E/O: WASC requires something at the junior/senior level that is somehow "core" or whatever (p.s. my sources in the math dep't dispute this); putting E/O in the first two years would open a can of worms---several other things might also be added to the undergraduate requirements

---UH System received the WASC report May 1 and has not made it public as promised by McLean himself

Agenda Item 3 was skipped (something about GEC appointments whose details no one remembered).

In response to Agenda Item 4 (pyromania on campus), it was decided to invite Captain Dawson of Campus Security to meet with us. A serious fire incident occurred at SOEST, in which part of an exterior entry door was scorched. Apparently, there have been 5 to 6 other fire incidents on campus, about which the campus as a whole has been kept in the dark.

Agenga Item 5 may be handled by having two College of Business members switch committee assignments. Rick Kazman may switch to Student Affairs and XXX may take his place on CPM. Steve Ward may want to be on xxxxyyyzzz.

New Agenda Item 6: On-Line Journal Access. Hamilton seems to have made a muddle of this. CAB is being asked to pursue it? Other universities don't have this policy. Confidential contracts being given as an excuse. Hyperlinks from one journal (to which we subscribe) to another journal (to which we subscribe) may be the core problem, but that's a guess.

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