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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 21, 2004

Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order at 3:10 pm.

Also present were Janice Uchida, Jim Dator, Tom Ramsey, Mary Tiles, Robert Bley-Vroman, Roger Lukas and Jill Nunokawa.

Prior to the meeting, beginning at 2 pm, the SEC consulted about the new leadership of the UH System with Chancellor Englert and two other members of Chancellor's staff.

Agenda Item 1: the minutes were amended as follows. Tom Schroeder was not present at the MLT meeting described at the June 14 SEC meeting. Hong-Mei Chen of CBA plays the role of XXX in the possible switch of committee assignments with Rick Kazman. CAP plays the role of xxxxyyyzzz as the name of the committee to which Steve Ward may want to be assigned. Finally, in the last sentence, "may be the core problem, but that's a guess" was replaced by "a problem". With these amendments, the minutes of the June 14 SEC meeting were approved.

Agenda Item 2: the chair reported.

Agenda Item 3: Statement from Faculty Senate on Firing of Dobelle. It was agreed to issue a statement to the Manoa faculty after editing via email, in response to various faculty communications to the SEC.

Agenda Item 4: WASC. TS reported that, as of June 14, the promised release via a web site had not been done. McClain had promised this, within a day of two of a conversation with MT, and was now at least a week late on fulfilling that promise.

Agenda Item 5: Articulation. MT reported on a follow-up meeting to implement the recent agreement signed by 3 Chancellors. The follow-up meeting included Linda Cox, Denise Konan, VCAA Smatresk, and MT. The signed agreement concerns "foundation requirements".

Agenda Item 6: SEC/Faculty Senate Chairs for Manoa. This was subsumed by Agenda Item 3.

Agenda Item 7: GEC committees. Are all slots filled? MT reported that the Foundations Board has one slot.

Agenda Item 8: Other business.

8a. Question was asked about approval of the by-laws by the BOR.

8b. Robert Bley-Vroman volunteered to be parliamentarian of the Senate.

8c. As a system, UH is a member of WGU.

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