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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 28, 2004

Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm.

Also present were Tom Hilgers, Janice Uchida, Jim Dator, Tom Ramsey, Robert Bley-Vroman, Martha Crosby and Roger Lukas.

Agenda Item 1: met with the head of Campus Security and Safety, Captain Donald Dawson, for about 90 minutes. The meeting was cordial, cooperative and extremely enlighting. Campus Security has requested a substantial budget increase, and the SEC explored the mission concept (in part, to ask whether more can be done with the same resources). Much of campus security's regular work is routine: checking (and locking) most buildings on a set schedule. Also, on weekends, campus security focuses on drinking and fighting in the dorms. At least two major dorm brawls were not reported by the press this last year, possibly because they involved student athletes. The SEC asked whether dorm fees should be raised to pay for policing the dorms. The SEC also asked whether student security officers (at a much lower pay rate) could do the routinely scheduled building checks. Apparently, student housing used to subsidize police services but stopped doing so after some bureaucratic tiff. Captain Dawson seemed dedicated to improvement and cooperation. Captain Dawson complimented the SEC on its questions and its clearly expressed interest. Chairman Tom Schroeder will touch base with the Chancellor's task force on security about its progress (this group may have ceased to meet). The SEC will endeavor to have CAB to explore in detail the issues surrounding safety on campus.

Agenda Item 2: the minutes of June 21, 2004 were edited and approved.

Agenda Item 3: Chairman Tom Schroeder reported on the numerous meetings which he had attended recently:

Other news from Chairman Tom Schroeder:

Agenda Item 4: It was decided to have Chairman Tom Schroder remind the Chancellor that the Chancellor had promised systematic tracking of Senate resolutions.

The SEC requests formal responses to resolutions passed by the Senate during the last academic year.

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