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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 2, 2004

Tom Schroeder presided.

Present: Hilgers, Tiles, Uchida, Lukas, Mitsutani, and Ramsey.

A motion was passed, relating to appointments of the Athletic Advisory Board. This year 4 new members will be sought among faculty who now serve or have served on the Senate's Committee on Athletics. In each subsequent year, the SEC will endeavor to place at least two additional members on the AAB from among the present or former members of the Committee on Athletics. The motion was made by Mary Tiles, seconded by Tom Ramsey, and approved unanimously.

Agenda Item 1: Prior to the meeting, the SEC met informally with VCAA Smatresk for 90 minutes.

The new charter and bylaws for the UHM Faculty Senate have not been forwarded to the Board of Regents for final adoption. (They are in Chancellor Englert's hands, at the moment). Properly speaking, following the bylaws and charter now in force, the changes should bypass the Chancellor's office and be acted upon directly by Acting President David McClain (that will NOT be the procedure after the changes are approved by the Acting President).

VCAA Smatresk reviewed with the SEC the frequent lack of Manoa representation in the System (Biennium) Budget Process. At times, the only Manoa person there has been Tom Schroeder, who is there on behalf of the council of chairs of faculty senates from throughout the system.

VCAA Smatresk asked that the Senate review UHM's Emeritus system. It was agreed that the Committee on Professional Matters (CPM) would take this up, with some participation of the Committee on Administration and Budget (CAB). CPM will be asked to determine just what UHM's practice is, what is best practice elsewhere, and what resource impact the status has (office space, supplies, parking, etc.).

Agenda Item 2: The July 26, 2004, minutes were approved after on-line review prior to the meeting.

Agenda Item 3: The Chair reported on a Thursday system budget meeting (Council of Chancellors) with the head of Budget and Finance for the State of Hawaii (Georgina Kawamoto). There is confusion right now on the tax policy implications of tuition waivers versus scholarships.

The Chair also reported on the early Monday morning gathering of the University/Community Partnership. The partnership is focused on the centennial celebration.

The Chair also reported on the MME, which discussed the division of responsibilities between system and Manoa (David McClain has indicated that there will be few vice-presidents). Some of the pieces affected: ITS, international programs, research council (now done informally by UHARI), public relations, legal, IRO, etc. There will be a WASC special visit to review some of the issues.

Agenda Item 4: The SEC will seek volunteers for a committee to help plan the centennial celebration, probably after the Senate meets this fall.

Agenda Item 5: Chancellor Englert has circulated among other chancellors some informal documents that clarify Manoa's mission. Is there a final version ready for release?

Agenda Item 6: Similarly, informal discussion documents are being circulated about reorganizing the vice chancellor's office, student affairs, etc.

Agenda Item 7: A report on gender equity in athletics was circulated. It is the product of a joint committee of the AAB and CoA. Here is a quotation from the final paragraph: "[never before] have we ever encountered so clear a disregard of the most fundamental principles of gender equity as we have found this year".

Agenda Item 8: The SEC applauds the administration's intention to end the practice of members of the AAB receiving free tickets to athletic events.

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