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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 9, 2004


President Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order. Hilgers, Uchida, Tiles, Lukas, Nunokawa, Crosby, Mitsutani and Ramsey were also present.

Agenda Item 1: The minutes for August 2 were approved after editing.

Agenda Item 2: The chair reported on the charter and bylaws, which have not been approved by anyone in the Chancellor's office for 45 days. It was decided to forward the proposed changes directly to Acting President McClain (as would be necessary and sufficient under the present charter).

TS reported on the new charter's proposed research committee, policy problems with the committee on ethics in research, the Ka Leo quoting out of context a year 2000 UHM Faculty Senate press release about tuition, staffing issues in ACM (natural consequences of short-circuiting the academic approval process), the weekly system budget meeting (all campuses are being asked to trim their requests), admission decisions regarding athletes, Herman Frazier's response to a gender equity report, a query from the library regarding review of administrators, delegation of M lines to the system, issuance of a request for qualifications for a developer for the CRC and Kakaako, KHON broadcasting from campus, a deadline for non-financial legislative items, student housing, a WASC visit in 2005, Outreach college, chair compensation, biennium budget and web sites.

Agenda Item 3: Apparently Judy Hughes (dean of AH) circulated a request among faculty in AH to lift the cap of 20 on WI and O courses. This is extremely bad precedent, since AH already has 272 classes with fewer than 20 students and no designation as either WI or O. Pressuring faculty to increase the cap on WI and O courses violates longstanding campus and system policies, will discourage faculty from doing such courses, and overlooks the fact that WI and O can be attractive designations by enabling small courses to run and bringing their enrollments closer to 20. Judy Hughes stated that the request came from VCAA Smatresk who has informally denied making this request.

Agenda Item 4: Chancellor Englert has submitted a formal proposal for the University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) to the SEC for review. If the Senate's new charter and bylaws are approved, it will be assigned to the new Committee on Research. The center will be an "applied research laboratory" under "the auspices of the United States Navy". The two SOEST researchers on the SEC don't think the UARC would contradict the BOR ban on classified research at UH. However, classified research may be taking place at UHM nonetheless.

Agenda Item 5: The SEC will send two representatives to the ACCFSC. They will be chosen next week.

Agenda Item 6: The 1995 Faculty Senate resolutions on "Tenure and Promotion Criteria" have never been implemented. The 1995 resolutions are now out of date. A fresh review should be done, with representatives from UHPA, the administration and the Senate involved. The 1995 resolutions were approved by UHPA but blocked by a sequence of administrators, each of which took more than 18 months to understand the issues but then lost their positions before taking action.

Agenda Item 7: The full Hawaiian/Second Language Requirement no longer applies to more than 40% of UHM's undergraduates. Business Administration (20% of bachelor's degrees in 2002-2003), SOEST (1%), and some CTAHR majors (6%) have modified the requirement. Education (9%), Engineering (3%), Nursing & Dental Hygiene (4%) and some CTAHR majors (6%) have waived the HSL requirement completely. The General Education Committee (GEC) will be asked how to review the placement of this requirement in the catalog. Chairman Tom Schroeder (from SOEST, which has modified the requirement) discussed the history of the language requirement and characterized the requirement as a "failed experiment in social engineering".

Agenda Item 8: On August 16, the SEC will again meet with VCAA Smatresk. The agenda items will include T&P criteria, WI course sizes, and approval of the Senate's new charter and bylaws.

Agenda Item 9: Martha Crosby asked about faculty mentoring. Mary Tiles mentioned the general issue of faculty development and the office of teaching excellence.

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