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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 16, 2004

President Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order 2:05 pm. Dator, Tiles, Bley-Vroman, Crosby, Uchida, Hilgers, Lukas, Mitsutani and Ramsey were also present. The SEC met with VCAA Smatresk for about one hour, and began the regular meeting at 3:03 pm. Most of the Smatresk meeting was spent on a proposed review of T&P criteria.

Agenda Item 1: The minutes for August 9 were deferred.

Agenda Item 2: TS reported on numerous meetings.

Agenda Item 3: the new by-laws and charter for the UHM Senate have been signed by the chancellor and are now in the hands of the interim president.

Agenda Item 4: some faculty have been injured by skateboards and other wheeled vehicles in hallways, elevators, sidewalks, etc. The CPM will be asked to research current policy about wheeled vehicles in pedestrian areas, and UHPA will be asked to file a safe workplace class action lawsuit.

Agenda Item 5: new appointments to the general education committees include Tom Bopp (ethical), James Richard (oral), Megumi Taniguchi (GEC), Emily Hawkins (GEC), Bruce Liebert (writing), and Spencer Leinweber (H). One writing vacancy remains.

Agenda Item 6: Robert Bley-Vroman will accompany TS to ACCFSC meetings.

Agenda Item 7: UHM wants 5 people at the informal multi-campus committee on foundations, with the ultimate goal that 2 or 3 of the 5 may serve on any official committee on foundations.

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