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State of Hawai'i
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Budget

Functional Statement


A. Overview of the Office: The office provides staff support to the Chancellor in the areas of implementation, management, and compliance through developint the operating and CIP Budgets, performing general administration, overseeing information technology and human resources management. It administers budgeting, physical planning, and human resource management systems for the campus. The office is provided appropriate authority to effectively and efficiently accomplish its responsibilities.

B. Office Positions: The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Budget is supported by the Mānoa Budget Office, the Office of Legal Affairs, Office of Information Technology, and the Office of Human Resources and EEO.

C. Authority: The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Budget shall have the authority to prepare and execute the University of Hawaii at Mānoa operating budget; develop and recommend biennial and supplemental budget preparation policies and instructions in accordance with University policies and guidelines; develop and promulgate policies for administration and finance support systems; implement advisory services and authority to Mānoa units which include personnel matters, employee relations, and legal service in accordance with Executive and Board of Regents policies; and to take action where appropriate to effectively and efficiently operate the office.

D. Interaction With Others: The office advises other vice chancellors, deans and directors and their administrative staff on matters of budgeting, information technology and human resources. The office works closely with various system offices to assure that the campus is in compliance with relevant policies and procedures. Among these offices are the Chief of Staff, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Vice President for Research, Director of CIP, Director of Accounting, and Director of Office of Human Resources.


In support of and under the direction of the Chancellor, the Office provides Mānoa-wide leadership in administrative operations and support services; budget execution; and organizing, directing, evaluating, and coordinating Mānoa's human resources management, information technology and internal and external relations.

The office is actively developing and implementing a human resource management office to provide personnel services under the broadbanding system and national comparables in executive and managerial salary ranges.

In addition, the office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Budget provides the following services:

-- Develops innovative plans and initiatives with respect to administrative operations and support services, long and short term planning, and program direction to ensure infrastructure support to the Mānoa campus and its satellite off-campus programs.

-- Develops and implements policies, procedures, reporting requirements, and compliance reviews.

-- Develops, implements, and maintains personnel policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Board of Regents' Bylaws and Policies, Executive policies, State statutes, Federal laws and regulations, administrative procedures, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

-- Evaluates campus-operating budgets.

-- Works with UH Mānoa fiscal personnel in preparing and updating budgetary details in support of the budget requests.

-- Monitors Mānoa's expenditures at the school, college, and institution levels on a quarterly basis for compliance with statutory requirements, legislative intent, and executive and University policies.

-- Reviews and recommends the multi-year and biennial Capital Improvements Program budget and annual expenditure plans, including the determination of priorities and scheduling of projects to ensure the timely execution of campus master plans.

-- Advises the Chancellor and senior executives on UH Mānoa administrative, budget execution, information technology, and human resources issues and programs.

-- Establishes an appropriate interface and strategy for significant activities involving the media, legislature, alumni and public-at-large, as well as promoting understanding and mutual respect within the University.

-- Establishes and maintains effective lines of communication with a variety of external and internal Mānoa constituencies consistent with Mānoa goals and objectives.

-- Prepares legislative testimony.

-- Directs Mānoa's University's public and media relations, marketing and information dissemination programs, including preparing media releases, speeches, scripts and other written and verbal information for placement in appropriate media, both State and national in scope.

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