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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Functional Statement for Organizational Chart

Responsibilities of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

I. Introduction

A. Overview of Office
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has leadership responsibility for the planning, direction, initiation, development, and coordination of the research programs of the faculty of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. The Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) serves as the chief policy advisor to the Chancellor for research matters and is the chief operating officer for UH Mānoa research programs.

B. Office Positions
The VCR is supported by an Assistant Vice Chancellor, the Director of Research Relations, Director of Federal Grants, a program development officer, a Secretary IV, and a Secretary III.

C. Authority
The VCR has the authority to develop new research programs within applicable campus executive and Board of Regent policies, to allocate or reallocate budgets of the Research and Training Revolving Funds in support of the research enterprise, to develop and promulgate policies for compliance of the research faculty and staff with Federal and State regulations, and to take actions to improve the research climate at the UH at Mānoa. Administrative support and leadership is provided to selected research units, which are not assigned to an academic unit. Examples are the Water Resources Research Center, Waikiki Aquarium, Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory, Cancer Research Center of Hawai'i, and Industrial Relations Center.

D. Interactions with other UH at Mānoa Vice Chancellors
The VCR works with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to ensure that the research programs of the academic units are provided with the best possible support; with the VC for Administration, Finance and Operations to ensure responsible allocation and expenditure of financial resources, to ensure that the research enterprise is well-represented in the media, that personnel actions taken are reasonable and compliant; with the VC for Operations to assure that the researchers have access to the best information technology available at the University, and to assure that physical facilities are adequate for research needs; and with the VC for Students to ensure optimal involvement of students in the research activities of the UH at Mānoa.

II. Major Functions of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

In support of and under the direction of the Chancellor, the Office oversees the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa's research programs through the development of governing policies, the conduct of program planning and assessment, the formulation of goals and objectives, and the allocation of resources. The Office is actively involved in encouraging the development of new research initiatives by providing an environment conducive to and supportive of the research efforts of faculty. It is also involved in the establishment of new research programs, and in restructuring existing programs. The office facilitates and encourages technology transfer and economic development activities by the UH at Mānoa and provides liaison with system research functions. It also provides support for research endeavors conducted in departments, institutes, centers and other organizations on the UH Mānoa Campus.

The Office of the VCR provides the following services:

-- Initiates and develops long-range planning studies for research at the UH at Mānoa.

-- Administers a policy of continuing qualitative evaluation of each of the major efforts relative to the development and maintenance of an international standard of excellence.

-- Coordinates the activities of the research units and programs through the respective academic deans and directors.

-- Selects/appoints UH at Mānoa representatives to various external and internal boards and committees associated with University research programs.

-- Serves as the Chancellor's representative for research with a variety of individuals, groups and agencies, both inside and outside the UH at Mānoa, such as Federal and State agencies, other research institutes and universities, legislators, and the general public, which have the potential to take appropriate actions to enhance the UH at Mānoa's research programs and capabilities; and

-- Serves as the UH at Mānoa source of expertise on the subject of research programs and activities.

-- Supervises the activities of the Assistant Vice Chancellor who serves as the Institutional Official in matters having to do with vertebrate animal care and use. The incumbent has the oversight of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and supervises the Laboratory Animal Service.

-- Supervises the activities of the Director of Research Relations whose responsibilities include finding means by which the research environment can be improved and made more conducive to research and educating faculty concerning research funding opportunities and proposal preparation.

-- Supervises the activities of the Director of Federal Grants whose responsibilities include identifying opportunities for Federal funding of research and helping researchers obtain the Federal financial support they need.

-- Provides general oversight of the appointment, compensation, and service conditions of post-doctoral fellows.

-- Serves as the Chancellor's representative and advisor on interactions with the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii.

-- Provides advice, assistance, financial support, and administrative guidance for new research centers and institutions during the formative or start-up phases.

-- Supports the Chancellor in other matters as directed.

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