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Manoa Faculty Senate Chair's Report, December 8, 2004

This will be the start of monthly series of Chair's as part of the SEC experiment in streamlining meetings. All reports will be vetted to the full SEC before posting.

Since we are at the end of a semester (and frighteningly halfway through the Senate year) the report will be organized around the projected list of items presented in September and include additional items which have arisen. This will be lengthy but hopefully not the norm for these reports.

A. The original eleven

These were posted on the Senate web site along with the Summer report of the two chairs (Tiles and Schroeder) and presented at the September Senate meeting.

  1. UARC (now known as Applied Research Laboratory-UHM)

    The Regents discussed the UARC at their November 18 meeting (the format of which also reflected a streamlining effort). The Manoa Faculty Senate presented the SEC resolution of November 17. The ensuing discussion replicated the previous day's Senate debate by rapidly entraining the issue of classified research (More on that topic below). The Board decided to allow the discussion and negotiations on the UARC to proceed ( term provisional approval) subject to constraints which included explicitly the complete consultation with affected parties (e.g. Kuali'i Council, MFS, etc) and successful completion of negotiations with the Navy and implicitly completion of the discussion and formulation of a policy on classified research.

  2. Classified and Proprietary Research

    The discussion has focused on the classified portion of policy. A draft policy was delivered to the Senate (via Committee on Research) on November 10 by Vice-President Jim Gaines and is now circulating to standing committees ( at least five of which have been identified as having some possible interest/involvement in the matter). Because of concerns about time lines involving this item as well as JABSOM , the Chair (with the approval of SEC) met with Vice-President Gaines on November 29 to clarify issues of intent and timing. The Chair was informed that this was intended as the beginning of a two-part process. The draft should be considered as just that. VP Gaines intends to collect feedback and incorporate that into a revised product which would then be resubmitted to the Senate for action. This led to an exhaustive discussion among the SEC over how to proceed with this draft policy. We examined the process which the 2002-2003 Senate used to deal with an earlier discussion of classified research policy. That Senate constructed an ad hoc committee taken from the membership of three standing committees. The ad hoc committee facilitated the discussion and final resolution (which is a useful read). We determined to let the committee process proceed. To date we have one resolution (postponed from 11/17) on the agenda for today (12/8), one resolution in the drafting stage (possibly for 12/8) and one committee report apparently completed. This is a controversial topic and the discussions to date have been passionate. The administration hopefully has the message that extensive discussion must occur.

  3. System Reorganization

    The Board on November 18 approved the system reorganization. Both the Senate (Executive Committee) and Kuali'i Council offered qualified support. Several additional groups and individuals testified on behalf of the Manoa reorganization and its linkage to the System Reorg. President McClain acknowledged these concerns. This feeds into the next topic.

  4. Manoa Reorganization

    This looks like a January Board item. There has been substantial discussion between standing committees and the Chancellor's office on all aspects of this proposal. The SEC is surveying the committees to determine the responsiveness of the Manoa Administration to their comments. We have a detailed analysis by CAB on today's agenda. The CAB report addresses both reorganizations. We hope the Senate will receive this report and endorse its dissemination to appropriate bodies.

  5. WASC Special Visit

    Many of you attended the opening Town Hall Meeting last week ( 11/23). The open microphone session was especially useful to the SEC ( especially the Chair) as it gives an excellent framework for discussion with WASC during this week's System visit. The Senate provided three faculty for the new WASC advisory committee.

  6. Kakaako

    At their October meeting the Board of Regents "received" the consultants' report and charged the System Administration to review and develop proposed actions. This process was topic 2 of the Chair's November 29 meeting with VPR Gaines. VP Gaines is requesting a formal Senate response to the consultants report. The full report is posted at the VPAA website and is being disseminated through the committee structure. Once this response is received (along with that of other stakeholders) the System will propose actions (the options are pretty diverse) which would then again come to the Senate. Thus we have two such iterative processes underway.

  7. Tuition Increases

    The formal conversation has been confined so far to the Council of Chancellors Budget Advisory Committee as part of the broader Budget discussion. The most recent meetings have included student government representatives. Informally the discussions have been widespread. There are very specific procedures by which any proposal must be vetted through a public hearing process. This may be a late academic year item.

  8. Admission Standards

    The VCAA's office has begun to move on the Senate resolution of last spring. The resolution requested creation of a working group comprised of members of the Senate as well as representatives of the VCAA's office and stakeholders.(See April 2004 Senate Minutes)

  9. Mission Clarification

    This was the theme of the Fall Congress and continues to be discussed among the Chancellors.

  10. Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

    This discussion hasn't really gotten very far.

  11. Ethics Policy

    This one is still pending.

B. Other Unanticipated Items/ Rude Surprises etc.

  1. The Flood

    The flood is a major disruption to the campus. The recovery will be a slow one. Loss estimates are growing ( normal for such events). One consequence is that flood costs are beginning to complicate biennium budget discussions.

  2. Hilo doctorates

    This consumed the October Senate meeting. Robert Bley-Vroman updated us on outcomes of the October Board meeting. As this is being written word is coming in that the Hilo Faculty Congress apparently has reacted to the Board actions, not surprisingly in disagreement.

  3. Honors College

    This is a substantial proposal which is the outcome of at least three years of effort by a task force and Manoa Administration(s).

C. One accomplishment.

Last Spring the Committee on Athletics submitted a resolution on governance of intercollegiate athletics. Thus followed the Senate joining a national coalition of faculty senates (the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics or COIA). The resolution essentially proposed applying COIA best practices to the position of Faculty Athletic Representative ( FAR). This fall the Chancellor agreed to implement this resolution in the recruitment of a new FAR. This process is now complete and a new FAR has been selected. The search was conducted by the Committee on Athletics and the outcomes communicated via the SEC.

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