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Manoa Faculty Senate Chair's Report, February 16, 2005

It's been a fast four weeks since we last met. I'll briefly discuss thus status of some carry-over items from our last meeting and presage some items on today's agenda.

As I compose this report the Manoa Chancellor's Office reorganization is on the agenda for the Board of Regents meeting February 17 at Honolulu Community College. The Chair has already registered to testify. (For those attending the Board changed their format and now take all testimony on day one prior to beginning their action items. This caused some confusion in January. For details consult the BOR website.)

The proposals for a Center for Public Policy and associated Graduate Certificate in Public Policy were postponed in January pending final reviews within the Colleges of Arts and Sciences. We learned last week that the Arts and Sciences SEC failed to approve the Center proposal. At their meeting of February 9 CAPP decided to send both proposals back to the VCAA . Should Arts and Sciences eventually revisit and approve the Center , the proposals will be examined anew.

CAB is submitting some By-Laws revisions which got lost in the shuffle last year. By our rules they must be read at this meeting, acted on at the next meeting, then approved by the Congress.

The Chair will be briefing the Senate on a "resolution" proposed at the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) in January and to be further addressed this Friday during the meeting at Honolulu Community College. The "resolution" is in your packet. The issue is an old one ( enforcement of prerequisites) but with a new twist. Apparently there has been inconsistency in implementation of the Banner prerequisite screen among the Community College campuses. There are at least two concerns:

  1. Competitiveness (campus vs campus )
  2. Articulation.

On a parallel track the subject has been a source of background chatter at Manoa ( Manoa has not enforced prerequisites in Banner to-date). The SEC and GEC have looked at the proposed resolution and are supportive as is at least one Gen Ed Board. Admissions and Records is opposed. I would like to get a "sense of the Senate" before I attend Friday's ACCFSC.

Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Gary Ostrander is now with us and actually attended most of the January meeting. The Chair "glitched" and failed to introduce him. We have set aside a time for him to introduce himself to the Senate. His presence will be very timely as we discuss the following two agenda items.

We anticipate an announcement from Interim President McClain in response to the Kakaako task Force report. As part of the consultation process Vice-President for Research Jim Gaines has met with SEC, CAB and CAPP. Each Committee was requested to and has submitted a short summary response to VP Gaines. In your packet you will find the SEC statement. This is another "odd" consultation in that we will subsequently be asked to respond to whatever proposal comes from the President. If CAB and CAPP are ready their summaries will also be in your packet.

The ad hoc committee on classified and proprietary research has been working steadily and have reached some internal agreements and wish to give a preliminary briefing of their status prior to their March submission.

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