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Manoa Faculty Senate Chair's Report, April 20, 2005

The academic year is drawing rapidly to a close. As I draft this report I am watching to see what matters will appear on the Board of Regents' agenda (normally posted later today (4/14). I anticipate that the MA's in Hawaiian and Hawaiian Studies should appear on the agenda. Classified Research policy is due. Also pending is some final statement on JABSOM/Kakaako from President McClain. Note: The Senate is honoring the request (see minutes of February Senate meeting) from our JABSOM colleagues to address us today presenting their view on the future. We are awaiting a written statement from JABSOM which should appear on our website with meeting materials.

The agenda for today's meeting reflects "business as usual" more than most this year. We have a potential debate on an academic program (Ethnobotany), two straightforward resolutions (from SEC and COR, respectively) and one system-related issue brought by the SEC. That last issue is ratifying a revised Charter and By-Laws for the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs. The SEC strongly endorses the revisions and the posted discussion lays out our thinking.

On other matters, the entire University community is closely watching the evolution of the Biennium Budget at the Legislature. House and Senate mark-ups have not been favorable to UHM. The Council of Chancellors' Budget Advisory group meets on April 18 to discuss the status of the budget and tuition proposal. We had scheduled a tuition presentation for today's meeting but enquiries of the standing committees found negligible interest in engaging the subject. We might wish to discuss this during our unstructured discussion period.

The UARC discussions have taken on a life of their own and the last month has seen the first Chancellor-led public discussions ( at the urging of your SEC) and several legislative hearings. It now appears the discussion will run into the early Fall.

On the most positive note of all we are concluding the election for the next Senate Executive Committee. We have invited the new Senate members to attend today and will introduce the SEC nominees present. As you may recall we will have two Senates and SEC's through the summer. Normally the two SEC's meet together and share responsibilities during this period. The new SEC typically organizes in mid-May.

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