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CAPP End-Of-Year Report, 2004-2005 AY

CAPP has had an active year. It reviewed a number of proposals for new programs, and brought resolutions to the Senate for an MA degree in Hawaiian Language and Literature, an MA in Hawaiian Studies, and a BS in Ethnobotany. We also brought proposals for a Certificate in Public Policy and for the creation of the Public Policy Center, but we withdrew these and sent them back for further review.

Other action items we brought to the Senate included a report on the UH-Hilo proposal for a Doctorate in Indigenous Language, a resolution on classified research, and a resolution on Banner enforcement of prerequisites.

CAPP also authored a report on JABSOM's move to Kakaako and possible split from UHM, a response to the UH President's November 2004 report to WASC, and a recommendation to the SEC and GEC on staffing problems of the GEC.

CAPP members represented the committee in a special committee on classified research, a committee on tenure review, and the UHM Academic Procedures Committee.

Other issues we discussed during the year were the reorganization plans for the campus and for the system, the Honors College proposal, the distinction between the BA and BS degrees, the proposed tuition increases, and a graduate certificate proposal in Telecommunications and Entrepreneurship (which was sent back). We also reviewed some old business, such as our 2004 resolution on Admissions Standards, and the ACM.

Remaining business for CAPP for the future includes:

(1) The certificate proposal in Telecommunications and Entrepreneurship, which has returned (though too late for consideration this academic year). This might have to wait until the Chancellor's task force on entrepreneurial education finishes their work.

(2) A UHM policy distinguishing when the BA, BS, or other degree is appropriate.

(3) Monitoring of old initiatives, such as:

(3a) Admissions Standards. A proposal on the raising of admissions standards was passed overwhelmingly by the Senate in Spring 2004, we still await a promised formation of a task force on this by the VCAA.

(3b) ACM. CAPP should continue to monitor the divergence of the ACM away from the program as originally approved by CAPP and the Senate in 2003-2004. We anticipate a proposal for a BA in this program to appear in the forthcoming year.

(3c) UARC and JABSOM. CAPP should continue to watch developments with both to make sure that important issues of academic policy are not neglected or subordinated to other institutional priorities. neglected or subordinated to other institutional priorities.

The CAPP members during this year were:

Krystyna Aune, Belinda Aquino, Joel Cohn, James Caron, Patsy Fujimoto, Judith Inazu, Meta Lee, Lorenz Magaard, Dawn Nishida, David Ross (Chair), Sara Rutter, Ann Sakaguchi, Tom Speitel, and James Tiles

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