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Manoa Faculty Senate
Committee on Athletics
Annual Report for the 2004-05 Academic Year

The Manoa Faculty Senate Committee on Athletics (CoA) met each month together with Senate Executive Committee (SEC) liaison Professor James Dator, except during March 2005, generally prior to the Manoa Faculty Senate meeting and at the first meeting the committee elected School of Architecture senator Barry John Baker chair, and nominated CoA members Professors Ruth Dawson and Bruce Liebert for membership of the Athletics Advisory Board (AAB).

The committee reviewed the Manoa Chancellor's proposed reorganization and offered comment on the relationship between the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), the AAB and the CoA.

The CoA augmented with additional membership of an APT and a student athlete representative and acting as a search committee conducted a search for a FAR. The FAR Search Committee received six applications or nominations for the position and after deliberations made a recommendation to the Senate Executive Committee. The SEC endorsed and forwarded the CoA recommendation to Chancellor Englert who in due course appointed Professor of English Peter C. Nicholson as the FAR with his term commencing in the 2005-06 Academic Year. At the February meeting of the CoA the committee met with Dr. Nicholson to discuss matters of mutual interest and particularly the relationship between the FAR, the CoA, the AAB, and the Office of the Chancellor; at this time these relationships are unclear and unresolved.

The CoA reviewed new NCAA admission requirements and discussed their relationship to, and potential impact on, UH Manoa admission requirements.

CoA member Ruth Dawson as chair of the AAB met with Athletics Director, Herman Frazier, and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Neal Smatresk and discussed a variety of issues of interest to the CoA including the Athletics Department budget, and gender and minority equity issues.

After several years of receiving limited budgetary information from the Athletics Department the CoA received and distributed to the committee membership for review and comment a budget and financial document for 2002 and 2003 entitled Financial Statements and Supplementary Information prepared by independent auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

The CoA received and reviewed documentation from SEC chair Tom Schroeder provided by the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) following a 6 to 7 January 2005 meeting of the coalition at Vanderbilt University. Following this review the CoA endorsed and recommended Manoa Faculty Senate membership in the coalition and approval of the COIA governance document.

The CoA discussed student-athlete absences from classes during extended road trips and noted that there was no definitive information available regarding the length of these absences or of this important issue and recommended that courses that require a physical presence on campus should be taught to student athletes off-season.

The CoA recommends that during the upcoming 2005-06 Academic Year the committee consider in greater detail student-athlete absences from classes and further study the relationship between the FAR, the CoA, the AAB, and the Office of the Chancellor and recommend clarity and resolution of these relationships that are presently unclear and unresolved.

Respectfully submitted

Barry John Baker
Professor of Architecture, and,
Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate standing Committee on Athletics

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