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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of February 16, 2005

Senators Present:
Allen, Aquino, Aune, Baker, Bley-Vroman, Bopp, Bridges, Brown, Caron, Chen, Chopey, Cohn, Cox, Dawson, Fujimoto, Haning, Hawkins, Hilgers, Kasuya, Kim, Kipnis, Lee (CTAHR), Lee (LAW), Liebert, Lorenzo, Lowry, Lu, Lukas, Magaard, Mark, McGranaghan, Moore, Mottl, Nunokawa, Ramsey, Richardson, Ross, Rutter, Schroeder, Shiramizu, Singh, Speitel, Staff, Stodden, Teves, Tiles, Uchida, Valliant, Ward, Warn-Cramer, Yates, Yue

Ex Officio: Neal Smatresk

Senators Excused:
Cannon, Dator, DeMattos, Desser, Kazman, Nishida, Paull, Wilmeth, Zaleski

Senators Absent:
Aeby, Fryer, Gibson, Grace, Herring, Judd, Lee (JABSOM), McKimmy, Nielsen, Robinow, Satsuma, Singleton, Skouge, Yu, Yuen

Others who signed in:
Kame'eleihiwa, Kim, Ostrander, Syrmos, Nishimoto, Speitel, Davis, Tiles, Osorio, Maaka, Wong, Silva, Aune, Collier, Yamada, Pearson, *** (illegible), Lassner, Martel, Jones, *** (illegible), Kim, Hayes

1.The minutes of Wednesday, January 19, 2005 were approved, with two corrections stating that McKimmy and Speitel were indeed present.

2.Proposed Changes to the By-laws were formally presented by the CAB chair.

3.The Senate unanimously approved the appointment of Joan Dodgson, Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene, to the O Board (a general education board). Hilgers moved and Lowry seconded.

4.The Senate discussed an ACCFSC Resolution on Banner regarding the enforcement of prerequisites by Banner. (CAPP is dealing with apparent administrative attempts to modify prerequisites as a separate issue, according to Chair Ross.). One senator asked whether the proposed enforcement discriminated against transfer students (whose full records won't be accessible to Banner). Others raised questions about instructor consent and A&R capacities. Another senator invited interaction with a committee that is reviewing Banner: that committee would welcome this resolution as a statement of priority.

The chair will convey the senate's consensus in support of the resolution to ACCFSC.

5. VCR Ostrander introduced himself and gave an overview of his priorities. He stressed his commitments to quality in research, infrastructure improvements, full consultation, flood-related problem solving, and classified research policy. He announced that he is convening the long-hibernating Graduate Senate. Finally, he invited comments from "any and all" on UARC, although it will be the President and BOR who make the final decision.

Questions from the floor involved all the topics that Ostrander had mentioned.

6. The Senate discussed the formal responses provided by CAPP and the SEC to VPR Gaines on the JABSOM/Kakaako Report. Senators Haning and Ward asked the Senate to schedule time where JABSOM could outline its intentions (which will be distinct from the Kakaako consultants' recommendations).

Chair Schroeder will be present at the Friday BOR meeting at which the President will discuss the consultants' report with BOR. Chair will report by next Senate meeting.

7. Kipnis gave a progress report for the Ad-Hoc Committee on Classified Research. This inspired many comments and questions, some of them about the proposed UARC

8. Dawson introduced a motion, which McGranaghan seconded. A motion to debate it immediately failed: 10 yes, 22 no, 8 abstentions. The motion can be considered at the next Senate meeting. Here is Dawson's motion:

Whereas the Manoa Faculty Senate in December 2002 reaffirmed its opposition to classified, proprietary and other publication-restricted research being conducted on the Manoa campus,


Whereas the conduct of publication-restricted research is incompatible with the fundamental values of a university and with the strategic imperatives of this campus to "publicize our research more widely to the local, national and international communities" and to "promote the free exchange of ideas,"

therefore be it resolved that

The Manoa Faculty Senate stands opposed in principle to the establishment of any research unit on campus that does not preclude the carrying out of classified research under its auspices.

9. A motion to adjourn was heard and approved at 4:35 p.m.

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