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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of May 4, 2005

Wednesday, May 4, 2005, Art Auditorium

Senators Present:
Aquino, Aune, Baker, Bley-Vroman, Bopp, Bridges, Cannon, Chen, Chopey, Cohn, Dator, Fryer, Fujimoto, Gibson, Grace, Hawkins, Herring, Hilgers, Judd, Kazman, Kim, Liebert, Lorenzo, Lukas, Magaard, Mark, McGranaghan, Moore, Nielsen, Nishida, Nunokawa, Paull, Ramsey, Richardson, Ross, Rutter, Satsuma, Schroeder, Singh, Skouge, Speitel, Staff, Stodden, Teves, Tiles, Uchida, Valliant, Ward, Warn-Cramer, Wilmeth, Yates, Zaleski

Senators Absent:
Aeby, Allen, Brown, Cox, Dawson, Haning, Kasuya, Kipnis, Lee L, Lee CN, Lee MT, Lowry, Lu, McKimmy, Mottl, Robinow, Shiramizu, Singleton, Yu, Yue,

Senators Excused:
Caron, DeMattos, Desser, Yuen

Newly-Elected Senators Present:
Baroni, Chang, Diamond, Donegan, Duffy, Fassiotto, Grandy, Halagao, Hudson, Inazu, Kamakawiwoole, Lampe, Lopes, Minatodani, Ramos, Rieder, Sanders, Scanlon, Weinstein

Newly-Elected Senators Excused: Raleigh

Ex Officio: Neal Smatresk

Invited Vice Chancellors: Cutshaw, Ostrander

Others who signed in:
Helene Sokugawa, Kelly Aune, Sandy Davis,

Chair Tom Schroeder called the Manoa Faculty Senate to order at 3:06 PM.

1. The minutes for the Manoa Faculty Senate meeting of April 20, 2005 were approved as submitted, though the Secretary will insert the URL indicating where the JABSOM PowerPoint presentation can be located in the appropriate place in the minutes.

2. Chair Schroeder introduced the members of the newly-elected Senate Executive Committee: Robert Bley-Vroman (Chair), Denise Konan, Bill Lampe, Barry Raleigh, Tom Ramsey (SEC Secretary) , Martha Staff (Senate Secretary), and Jim Tiles (Vice Chair). He also commented on discussions with students about the proposed tuition increase, and expressed concern about the University budget as passed by the Legislature. Schroeder recounted the discussion about Hawaiian language programs that took place at the Board of Regents on April 21-22, noting that your humble scrivener's having closed the Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of March 16 with "Fearfully submitted" was cited as evidence of suspicious activity.

Schroeder introduced Robert Bley-Vroman who will be the Senate Chair for the next year. Bley-Vroman heartily thanked Schroeder for his exceptional leadership over the past year as Senate Chair. "His diligence surpasses anyone's imagination," Bley-Vroman declared. Schroeder attended every meeting where faculty interests were at stake, and while retaining excellent lines of communication with the Administration, tirelessly and effectively advocated faculty positions. He was always both candid and civil in his public utterances.

Schroeder received a round of hearty applause.

Bley-Vroman reminded the Senate that over the summer the members of the outgoing and incoming SEC join together to serve on behalf of the Senate, many of whose members will be engaged in research projects that take them away from Manoa for most of the Summer. He then briefly summarized some of the major issues in front of this combined SEC:

UARC. The SEC is beginning a process, similar in intent to the one that worked with the matter of classified research, to help enable the Senate to reach a careful, reasoned, and timely decision on the UARC matter. A small group of people, representing varying views, will be asked to frame the issues for a moderated web discussion by the Senate. While the SEC has some names in mind for who might participate in framing the discussion, Bley-Vroman also asked for people to volunteer for this service, if they wish. "It is important the Senate take leadership of this issue," Bley-Vroman said. It is hoped that this process will result in the Senate being able to take a reasoned position on the UARC, as they did recently on classified research.

Budget and RTRF. A second issue that needs Senate attention is the matter of the transparency of the budget. Budget figures are now available on the Manoa website. The new Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Operations Kathy Cutshaw, has pledged to bring more transparency to the budget process, and has already done so. Similarly, the Vice Chancellor for Research, Gary Ostrander, has announced he will continue for another year the process by which overhead was reckoned and dispersed this year. Faculty understanding of the budget is also at the heart of the JABSOM issue. It does not help when the Legislature basically ignores the carefully prepared budget of the University and passes something almost entirely unrelated to it. Thus there is still a long way to go before we have a budget that it is really possible for the Faculty to understand and to react or contribute to effectively and with confidence.

Senate Elections. A less substantive issue, but one related to the efficiency and representativeness of the Senate, concerns the process by which Senators are elected. We considered electronic voting some time ago, but now seems to be the time to implement a scheme. David Lassner's group is willing to help us with this change. Even ASUH uses electronic voting now. So can we.

3. Matt McGranaghan re-introduced a resolution that he had introduced at the end of the previous Senate session:

Resolution on BS, BA and Other Degrees, from the floor

Whereas there is not currently a campus standard for the distinctions between the BS, the BA, and other degrees offered by the various colleges, and

Whereas there is no administrative supra-college coordination of academic programs, and

Whereas this has been a recent problem in the deliberations of the Committee on Academic Policies and Programs,

THEREFORE be it resolved that

The Manoa Faculty Senate encourages the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to examine the feasibility of establishing standards for the various degrees and mechanisms for inter-college curriculum coordination.

This resolution arose because of the difficulty CAPP had in deciding on the Ethnobotany Degree: should it be a BS or a BA?

James Tiles observed that he was partly responsible for the matter. He said he concluded from the debate and decision last session that the Senate does not want a uniform policy. It is content to let each Department designate programs however they wish. Therefore, he moved to table the resolution. His motion was seconded by Matt McGranaghan.

A motion to table is not debatable. The motion passed:

	Favor--  28
	Abstain-- 4

4. Preparation for a WASC visit

The Chair introduced the three Vice Chancellors, VCAA Neal Smatresk, VCF Kathy Cutshaw, and VCR Gary Ostrander. Smatresk took the lead in outlining preparations for the WASC visit since, as he said, the Vice Chancellor team is new.

Smatresk reminded the Senate that in 1999 a WASC report listed many problems that needed to be resolved. In 2003 another report said progress was being made on the basis of the strategic planning effort that had been undertaken, and the fact that the office of the Manoa Chancellor had only recently been authorized. In Spring 2004, there was a WASC visit of the System. This resulted in WASC slating a special visit for November 2005 by which time the System should be organized and the Chancellor's Office fully functional.

As the Campus prepares for the 2005 special visit, two major issues remain unresolved. One concerns the lines of authority between the System and the Manoa Chancellor's office. The BoR has accepted the Chncellor's Office reorganization plans, but many specific uncertainties about implementation and executive authority still remain. The other outstanding issue concerns the locus of JABSOM, either within Manoa as it is now or as a separate campus.

The VCAA said he would soon announce a URL where Campus documents being prepared for the WASC visit will be posted for faculty comment. He also said that operationalizing the Strategic Plan was essential and hoped that September 27 would be a Community Planning Day when classes would be cancelled so that everyone can participate in a day-long planning workshop.

David Ross asked if the locus of authority issue had been resolved. Is the Manoa response to be the System response?

Smatresk replied that the System and Manoa are in dialog on the issue and that while progress is being made there are still areas of disagreement.

Schroeder asked about JABSOM. Is it reporting to the President or the Chancellor?

Smatresk pointed out that JABSOM is still part of Manoa and reporting to the Chancellor.

Jill Nunokawa wanted to know where the money for reorganization was coming from.

Smatresk assured her that it was not coming from tuition funds but from money set aside for reorganization and from internal savings. He also added that it is very difficult for Manoa to gather the information WASC wants since it has no dedicated Assessment Office or Office for Institutional Research. San Diego State, in comparison, has an entire administrative office that does nothing but deal with WASC compliance issues. There is a Systems IRO, but it does not have all the data Manoa needs. Smatresk also stressed that what we have to do for WASC is what we would want to do whether WASC required it or not.

Schroeder thanked Smatresk and added that the System community colleges are also being reviewed for WASC compliance. He further noted that Smatresk has now been in office for a year. Schroeder thanked him for his durability.

He also expressed appreciation for the work of VCF Cutshaw who is the newest member of the VC team, but has made considerable strides in moving the Manoa budget--and budgetary process--towards transparency.

5. Committee Reports

Most of the Senate Standing Committees issued their annual reports electronically, and they are posted on the Senate website. Several committees did ask for time to make additional comments.

David Ross, Chair of CAPP, thanked his committee members for their outstanding and extensive work.

Steve Ward, Chair of CoR, reminded the Senate that this was the first year there has been a standing committee on research, and that it proved its worth by work in many areas.

Patty Fryer, vice chair of the General Education Committee, said that the various subcommittees of t he GEC worked fairly smoothly, but that there are still challenges for some of the Focus Boards. Some Hallmarks may need to be revised and clarified. Replacing resigned Board members in a timely manner is also still a challenge.

Matt McGranaghan, Chair of CAB, said his committee also worked extensively on issues of reorganization, JABSOM, and more recently the Facilities Audit.

Chair Schroeder also commented that the Facilities Audit is a long-overdue activity, and should eventually have an important impact on the quality of our workplaces.

6. Topics discussed during the Unstructured Discussion period included the importance of faculty awareness of the impending audit of the campus by the Legislative Auditor, and the future of the RTRF process.

The Senate adjourned at 4:20 PM

Your unworthy and manifestly incompetent scribe hereby thanks the Senate for its kindness and indulgence this past year, and hereby withdraws for all eternity his quill and inkhorn from further scribbling on your behalf.

Chastenly submitted,

Jim Dator
Secretary to the Manoa Faculty Senate

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