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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 30, 2004

President Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order at 3 pm. Dator, Tiles, Bley-Vroman, Crosby, Uchida, Hilgers, Lukas, Nunokawa, Mitsutani, and Ramsey were also present.

Agenda Item 1: The minutes for August 23 were approved.

Agenda Item 2: TS reported on numerous meetings (no MLT, System Budget meeting, UCP, MME). Discussion included:

-- The system capital improvements budget
-- Controversy at the Academy for Creative Media (ACM)
-- Closing of Lyon Arboretum to the public
-- Fall enrollment up by about 500 but graduate enrollment down 600 (visas and health clearances may be factors)
-- The interim VCR Rolf's preoccupation with Mauna Kea and IFA, the BoR and student housing (127 vacant beds due to????)
-- List of courses added in August
-- An outside review of Facilities Management
-- Engaging the strategic plan
-- Parking complaints
-- Rowdy athletes in class
-- A faculty member being gently lead out of Cayetano's class by the chair of the political science department while two guards watched from a safe distance
-- The excessive traveling by Chancellor Englert for the alleged purpose of finding a new job.

Agenda Item 3: the SEC accepted Robert Bley-Vroman's draft that delineates how the administration shall consult with the UHM Faculty Senate.

Agenda Item 4: the Academy for Creative Media (ACM) controversy has moved to newspapers and web pages, perhaps appropriately.

Agenda Item 5: the Campus Post Office closed because the vendor served proper notice of vacating. A replacement is being sought.

Agenda Item 6: the administration is breaking its own rules about parking. Cayetano's pass is not legal, nor is the special parking status of ACM director Chris Lee. The parking office issued passes to emeritus professors that are good only until December, pending further review by unknown parties (the parking office?), in direct contradiction of VCAA Smatresk's position that emeritus professor parking will be left as is. Also, parking has been taken from staff to enlarge the visiting parking behind Kennedy Theatre. Many faculty members have not found parking on campus in time to teach, although they have paid for passes.

Agenda Item 7: the SEC has received a formal request from VCAA Smatresk to review the criteria for awarding the Emeritus title. SEC has already asked two committees to review this, and will forward the formal request to them.

Agenda Item 8: Both Englert and McClain will be asked to speak to the Faculty Senate on September 15.

Agenda Item 9: the SEC discussed the agenda for meeting with VCAA Smatresk on September 20.

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