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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of September 20, 2004

Regular Bi-Weekly Meeting with VCAA Smatresk

Vice President Tom Hilgers convened the meeting at 2 pm for the regular, biweekly meeting with VCAA Smatresk, who was accompanied by Louise Kubo. Louise is the staff member who does the most to educate chairs, personnel committees and applicants about T&P guidelines and processes. (Last year, out of 87 T&P cases, only 2 were challenged.) The agenda items with Neal included T&P guidelines (and their potential revision) and Articulation. Only the first was extensively discussed.

The VCAA finds about half of the 1997 Senate proposal very helpful, the part dealing with specialists, librarians and county extensions agents. Alas, we didn't invite the VCAA to submit some version of that to the Senate for formal consultation. Later in the meeting, after the VCAA had left, it the SEC decided that Tom Schroeder will suggest that action to the VCAA (to get the ball rolling).

The VCAA finds half of the 1997 Senate proposal unhelpful, the part dealing with the instructional faculty. He finds this part over-prescriptive and self-contradictory. He advocates focusing on departmental expectations and processes instead, but keeping the overall campus guidelines as they now are---is the system broke he asked? Only 2 cases out of 87 from last year are being challenged.

Janice Uchida expressed CAPP's clear reluctance to work hard on T&P guidelines without administration commitment to implement that work (many of the current CAPP members helped write the 1997 Senate proposal that has never been adopted by the administration, nor returned for specific revisions). It was partly for this reason that the SEC decided to ask the administration to put forward a definite proposal to implement something (like the half of the 1997 proposal that the administration likes). With a definite proposal to act in hand, CAPP can then do its duty with the conviction that the administration isn't wasting their time.

Tom Ramsey remembered that a significant impetus for the 1997 revision came from Patty Fryer in SOEST, caused by the need (within certain NSF grant categories) to implement specific language about T&P. VCAA Smatresk thought that this, if true, was bad policy.

VCAA Smatresk believes in annual, detailed, serious reviews for probationary faculty. This is not the current contract language (which has probationary faculty reviewed/renewed every two years).

We discussed the faculty development office. The VCAA is seeking advice, in light of the reorganization of the administration.

M. Tiles and J. N. Musto were said to support the 1997 document, although M. Tiles in fact believes it needs a thorough review due to changes in instruction and research since 1997.

Like the librarians, specialists, and county extension agents, do there need to be separate guidelines for clinical faculty in JABSOM?

SEC Meeting

The regular meeting commenced with Tom Schroeder as chair. Also present were Uchida, Lukas, Bley-Vroman, Hilgers, Dator and Ramsey.

Agenda Item 0: Tom Schroeder inserted a meeting with James Nishimoto (Executive Assistant to the acting President), who formally transmitted to the SEC the formal proposal for a "Doctorate in Hawaiian and Indigenous Language and Culture Revitalization and Feeder Programs". It will be forwarded to CAPP.

Agenda Item 1: Tom Schroeder reported, especially on an upcoming MLT meeting where Schroeder himself will summarize the recent BoR meeting and Hilgers will present data on GE courses (W & O) that have class size limits (currently, there are 1497 undergraduate classes with 20 or fewer students and only 500 of these have either a W or an O designation).

Agenda Item 2: The minutes for September 13 were approved.

Agenda Item 3: The SEC accepted all of the recommendations by CFS to fill various committees (approximately 27 nominees).

Agenda Item 4: Outreach College members have written the SEC to say that they have not been consulted on the reorganization, which will affect them (currently the VCAA is acting as their dean; the dean position is vacant). The reason seems to be that no definite reorganization plan is available yet (the SEC itself has not received it). Tom Schroeder will write a letter in response.

Agenda Item 5: The SEC discussed the agenda for the upcoming Congress, as well as the agenda for the upcoming meeting with VC Englert. For the latter, the top priorities are ongoing reports on all the various task forces (safety, entrepreneurship, transmitting the MBAG report to the Senate), and the reorganization of UHM. For the Congress, it was suggested that VC Englert speak to "Mission Clarification" (his ideas on this have been circulated to the other chancellors in the system, but not to the Manoa faculty).

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