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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of October 25, 2004

Senate President Tom Schroeder called the meeting to order at 3 pm. Dator, Tiles, Bley-Vroman, Uchida, Hilgers, and Ramsey were also present. Lukas arrived at 3:03 p.m.

1.The minutes for October 18 were adopted.

2.Chairman Tom Schroeder had emailed a Chair's report prior to the meeting. He amplified upon the written report, by describing extensive discussions about the proposed system reorganization versus in its relation to Manoa (VPR, ITS, Land Grant status, etc.). The written report included the following review of the October 19 MLT meeting:

-- Announcement of the addition of Gender Equity and Expression to the University of Hawaii Equal Opportunity Policies

-- Liberal Arts Scholarship (meaning, grants for LA research) from RTRF

-- UARC, quoting directly: "Extended discussion. Finally received some idea of the management structure. Conversation went along predictable lines."

-- Kakaako Report. Nursing is opposed. PBRC is also opposed and may change its name to reflect the present activities (which are not related to medical research).

-- The two proposed doctoral degrees at Hilo.

The written report also touched upon the All Campus Council of Senate Faculty Chairs (ACCFSC) of October 22.

The ACCFSC must write new constitution/by-laws for itself, which it is undertaking. Bley-Vroman was removed as co-chair. The co-chairs are TS and a member from WCC.

The PolyCom way of meeting creates factions by locus.

David McClain met with ACCFSC, where he and Professor Bley-Vroman reported on the Board of Regents decisions regarding UH-Hilo's new Ph. D. and new School of Pharmacy.

Peter Englert also met with ACCFSC, where he gave the same report as he had given earlier to the Manoa Faculty Senate about Manoa's role in the system.

As part of the Chair's Report, Chairman Tom Schroeder asked Professor Bley-Vroman to report upon UH Hilo's new Ph. D. program and UH Hilo's new authority to create a College of Pharmacy, which includes hiring a dean and raising private money for construction related to it.

3.The SEC discussed how to follow up with the administration about Senate Resolution, in particular about the spring 2004 resolution about Admission Standards.

4.Committee liaisons reported, particular COA, CFS, and GEC. The GEC/CFS continue to seek full staffing of the H Board. Recruiting faculty for all committee assignments was discussed. The delegation of committee appointments to CFS was affirmed, except when explicit Senate approval is required, and should go directly to the CFS (without awaiting assignment to CFS by the SEC). The SEC affirmed that recruitment would be greatly enhanced by excellent descriptions of committee charters and scope. The SEC discussed the rejection of a CFS nominee for an administratively appointed committee, and reaffirmed CFS's nominee.

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