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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 8, 2004

Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the meeting about 3:00 p.m., with Hilgers, Uchida, Bley-Vroman, Dator and Ramsey present. Lukas arrived at 3:09 pm.

1.Review of the minutes for October 25 was deferred.

2.The chair reported. There is much action concerning funded research, in particular an HGEA lawsuit about employees at RCUH. The System Budget Advisory Committee discussed future tuition on Oct. 29. Hamilton Library is severely damaged by the flood of Oct. 31 (many issues: AC units were in the flooded basement; mold abatement; lost maps and documents; destruction of the quarters for the Library studies emphasis of ICS). McClain is forging ahead with his system reorganization, but privately saying it is subject to continued revision; many obvious issues have not been resolved:

Chairman Schroeder will have multiple opportunities to meet the WASC delegation on December 2 (at least 90 minutes). On Nov. 8, the MME focused on flood recovery (utilities, emergency RTRF, mold, library services, insurance) as well as alcohol poisoning in the dorms (National Student Exchange Students may play a role). Robert Bley-Vroman offered to attend MLT for Tom Schroeder on 11/16 (8:30 - 10:30 HH).

3.The November faculty senate agenda was discussed. There will be committee reports, possibly from GEC on the HAPS course designation and certainly a report on the system reorganization.

4.The SEC voted (5-0-1) to "request that Tom Schroeder report to the Board of Regents on the status of faculty consultation about the system reorganization" (Tom Schroeder abstained). Separate from the motion, Chairman Schroeder agreed to circulate a draft of his remarks by Monday, November 15, so that the Senators would be able to read the remarks before the Wednesday Senate meeting on November 17.

5.The SEC received a draft document for adding "Gender Identity and Expression" to UH Equal Opportunity Policies.

6.Tom Schroeder updated the SEC on telecommuting issues, certainly made germane by the flood on October 31. Tom Schroeder said that a formal grievance about workplace location is being pursued by UHPA on behalf of some faculty member(s). . The SEC forwarded a request from some faculty members for a telecommunications policy to CPM for review.

7.Committee liaisons reported on the work of their respective committees.

8.The SEC discussed the upcoming interviews with candidates for Dean of SOEST.

9.The SEC forwarded an Honors College proposal to CAPP.

10.The administration has asked for 4 nominees to a WASC Advisory Committee (preparing for the November 2005 visit), and suggested two people (Tom Hilgers and Denise Konan). The SEC forwarded the request to the CFS, to make all four nominees.

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