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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 22, 2004

Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the meeting at 3:00 p.m. with Dator, Uchida, Lukas, Hilgers and Ramsey present. Bley-Vroman arrived at 3:07. At 4:30 p.m. the meeting adjourned to meet with Chancellor Englert for one hour. The meeting with Englert began with discussing persons to serve as an overall, flood-recovery coordinator. The UARC (Applied Research Laboratory-UHM) and the Kakaako reports took up much of the remaining time with Englert.

1.The minutes for November 15 were approved.

2.Chairman Schroeder reported for about 45 minutes. He reviewed the Board of Regents' provisional approval of the UARC, contingent upon a revision/creation of a classified research policy, union contract issues, and consultation with all parties including the UHM Faculty Senate. The BOR did NOT make the permanent approval contingent upon acceptance by the UHM Faculty Senate. As a side bar, SEC member Roger Lukas reported that he had testified in person in favor of the UARC and in defense of the academic freedom of faculty to do classified research. More formally, he informed the SEC that he has been offered some administrative role in the UARC, as the Ocean Science and Technology Coordinator. Chairman Schroeder said that the VP for Research had been given until December 10 to consult with "all" parties regarding the Kakaako report and JABSOM.

3.The SEC referred the draft proposal on classified research to five standing committees: CPM, CAPP, COR, CSA, CAB.

4.The SEC referred the JABSOM report to four standing committees: CAPP, COR, CSA, CAB.

5.A brief discussion was held of the Dec. 1-2 WASC visit.

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