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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 3, 2005

Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder, Bley-Vroman, Uchida and Ramsey convened at 3:02 p.m. Dator arrived at 3:06 p.m. and Lukas arrived at 3:07 p.m.

The minutes for Dec. 13 were edited and approved.

Chairman Schroeder reported on the general lack of meetings: no MME, no MLT, no SBAB, although the search committee for the system CFO was active. The faculty who drafted the ethnobotany proposal are asking about its status (CAPP reviewed the proposal last spring and reported back to the Denise Konan with some issues to be resolved; Konan is no longer in the administration and SEC will ask Kelly Aune about following through). Chairman Schroeder discussed VPR Gaines' formal notice that he will take his classified research proposal to the Board of Regents in February (VPR Gaines asserts that the proposal fully incorporates the most recent Faculty Senate resolutions). Chairman Schroeder noted he will miss the upcoming Wednesday a.m. MME meeting and decided to not send any substitute from the SEC. Chairman Schroeder described 3 recent break-ins at HIG and how some Campus Security personnel, who have no police authority to search persons, released the likely culprit with a warning against trespass.

Committee liaison reports: CAB is "on" JABSOM; GenEd had a long meeting on assessment, focusing on the social science diversification requirement; COR might be meeting this week; CAPP will be meeting Wednesday Jan. 5 (without a liaison)---also, the SEC assigned to CAPP the "rogue" certificate program proposed by Iskandar.

The SEC agreed to submit to the Senate a resolution supporting the UHM reorganization, synthesizing the experience of many committees with many different aspects of the proposed reorganization. Robert Bley-Vroman had drafted a sample resolution, which the SEC then reviewed and edited. The UHM reorganization will probably occupy most of the January MFS meeting.

The SEC drew up a list of seven candidates for the Ad-Hoc Committee on Classified Research, and decided to have the committee's proceedings professionally facilitated by Prof. Neal Milner. Subject to acceptance by each candidate, the committee has Jim Tiles (from CAPP), Ken Kipnis or someone from his committee, Matt McGranaghan (from CAB), Torben Nielsen, Bruce Shiramizu, Margot Edwards and John Osorio.

Floyd McCoy (co-chair of ACCFSC, geologist from Windward CC) was invited to attend an SEC meeting

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