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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 10, 2005

Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder, Bley-Vroman, Uchida, Lukas and Ramsey convened at 3:00 p.m. Dator arrived at 3:04 p.m. and Hilgers arrived at 3:06 p.m. An invited guest, Professor Floyd McCoy of Windward Community College and co-chair of ACCFSC, attended from 3:08 p.m.

The minutes for Dec. 3 were approved.

Chairman Schroeder reported by email. He updated that report: the January 10 MME meeting was cancelled; the MLT meeting was postponed to Jan. 19; the meeting at Vanderbilt University about intercollegiate athletics produced a position paper which the attendees will now share with their campuses for what is expected to varied responses. Chairman Schroeder distributed Chancellor Englert's formal response to CAB's report on the Manoa Chancellor's Office Reorganization (the same report that was received by the Manoa Faculty Senate). The draft minutes of the January 5th CAPP meeting were also distributed, since the CAPP liaison could not attend that meeting.

The SEC continued to edit a draft resolution in support of the proposed reorganization of the UHM administration. This resolution will be submitted to the Manoa Faculty Senate at the January 19 meeting. Robert Bley-Vroman will lead the Senate's deliberations on the resolution, and will recruit a senator to act as parliamentarian during those deliberations. To be distributed with the proposed resolution will be recent Senate resolutions about the administration of UHM and related excerpts from recent BoR minutes where the BoR created the Manoa Chancellorship.

The SEC discussed the current practice (requirement) that all GenEd committee appointments be approved by the Senate. The normal cycling of faculty through sabbaticals and leaves typically involves more than one-seventh of the faculty on any committee and the GenEd committees have nearly fifty members. Consequently, the current practice almost guarantees that, out of 9 Senate meetings in an academic year, GenEd appointments will be considered at almost every meeting. Moreover, each appointment can be delayed up to two months, awaiting official Senate action, while the GenEd committees must act by specific calendar dates so that course designations can appear in the catalog, printed class schedules or in banner. It was decided to research some change in the appointment practice, with possible submission to the MFS in February.

The SEC heard Liaison reports. CAB has written comments on the JABSOM (outside) report. These comments were shared with VPR Gaines but are not ready for the SEC nor for the MFS. CPM, COR, COA, CSA, and GenEd did not meet since Jan. 3. CAPP had a long meeting and its draft minutes were circulated with the SEC. CFS has nominated people to a Dean search and did not choose a person who suggested him/herself. That self-nominee has asked the chair of CFS for some explanation. The SEC decided that Chairman Schroeder should respond to the complainant.

The SEC set an agenda for the January 19 meeting of the Manoa Faculty Senate: Minutes (5 minutes), SEC Resolution about Reorganization (40 minutes), Reporting the Appointment of an Ad-hoc Committee on Classified Research (10 minutes), CAPP Resolutions (20 minutes, if finalized at the January 12th CAPP meeting), Unstructured Discussion (15 minutes)

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