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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 24, 2005


Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the meeting about 2 p.m., with Lukas, Dator, Uchida and Ramsey present. Hilgers arrived at 2:40 p.m. Bley-Vroman was absent (currently in Vietnam). Until about 3 p.m., the SEC had a wide ranging discussion of issues with the new VCR Gary Ostrander. Afterwards, the SEC continued without VCR Ostrander.

The SEC made 3 decisions.

  1. It requested the recent JABSOM audit from the system-presidential level.
  2. It asked CAPP to research a campus-level policy on the distinction between BS and BA degrees (such a policy exists in Arts and Sciences but not for the campus).
  3. It invited VPR Gaines to discuss the Kakaako/JABSOM report.

The minutes for Jan. 10 were approved.

There was a frank and informative discussion of the Kakaako/JABSOM report. Ramsey offered some suggestions in favor of a separate campus, to considerable skepticism from the rest of the SEC and some very strong opposition from particular members. It was unanimously decided to request a copy of the recent JABSOM audit from the system (presidential) administration. It is noteworthy that the Manoa (chancellor) administration had not received a copy of the audit as of January 24, although (formally, at least) the Manoa Chancellor supervises JABSOM as part of the Manoa campus.

Liaison reports:

Chairman Schroeder reported by email, and amplified his report in person. In particular, he had an important conversation with VPR Gaines at the BOR meeting about the JABSOM/Kakaako report. The SEC decided to invite VPR Gaines to meet with it on January 31.

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