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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of February 7, 2005

Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the meeting about 2 p.m., with everyone present except Hilgers and Lukas, to review with VCAA Smatresk several issues: a proposed Honors College and policy about parking privileges for emeritus professors. Lukas arrived at 2:31 but had to leave by 3:30 for a meeting of a Lyon Arboretum task force. Hilgers arrived at 2:38 and remained for the rest of the meeting. VCAA Smatresk agreed to meet with CAPP about the Honors College proposal, and proposed a parking application process for emeritus professors that would involve both departments and the Deans/Directors. VCR Smatresk informed the SEC that the Manoa reorganization was on the BOR agenda for February. VCR Smatresk also called attention to a (4-day?) strategic plan implementation festival in March.

After meeting with VCAA Smatresk, the SEC continued with its regular meeting.

The letter to VPR Gaines in response to the Kakaako/JABSOM report was edited, and then sent before the close of business. The SEC received CAPP's preliminary report on their consultation with VPR Gaines about Kakaako/JABSOM.

The minutes for Jan. 31 were edited and approved.

Chairman Schroeder reported by email, and amplified his report in person. In particular, MBAG2 (a smaller Manoa budgetary advisory group) has been convened with both Schroeder and Bley-Vroman participating.

The agenda for the February Senate meeting was set:

  1. Minutes (5 minutes)
  2. By-laws (10 minutes)
  3. ACCFSC Resolution on Banner (15 minutes)
  4. Ostrander (20 minutes)
  5. 5.Response to the consultation on the Kakaako/JABSOM report from SEC, CAPP, and CAB (20 minutes)
  6. Other Business (10 minutes)
  7. Other Unstructured Discussion (10 minutes)

Some proposed revisions of the general education by-laws were forwarded to CAPP.

The SEC received a letter criticizing the special-needs-access at the President's house. It was decided to rely on President McClain for appropriate action.

It was reported, but the SEC had no documentation, that the Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate Executive Committee voted down the Public Policy Institute. It was decided to consult with CAPP about this before any action.

Shall Banner enforce prerequisites? The SEC forwarded an ACCFSC resolution in favor of this to CAPP, and put it as a report item on the February Senate agenda. There was strong support from GenEd and at least one GenEd board.

How to accommodate the schedules of student athletes (and other students in university-sponsored extra-curricular activities)? This was discussed briefly, and might be assigned to the Committee on Student Affairs.

Formal liaison reports were skipped.

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