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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of February 14, 2005

Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the meeting about 2 p.m., with Uchida and Ramsey present, to review with VCR Ostrander many issues. Hilgers arrived around 2:10 p.m., Lukas around 2:16 p.m. and Bley-Vroman (who has a class conflict) around 2:55 p.m. Dator was out of state.

The conversation with Ostrander touched upon many topics:

  1. 1.Schroeder had noticed several new positions in the VCR's office in the Manoa reorganization proposal that had not been there in earlier drafts of the reorganization proposal
  2. 2.Schroeder also asked about the Graduate Division and its near divorce from faculty governance (the Graduate Senate may have met in 1988). Is there a connection to the Manoa Faculty Senate?
  3. 3.Schroeder discussed tuition waivers for graduate students.
  4. 4.Ostrander welcomed the chance to introduce himself to the full Senate in February.
  5. 5.Ostrander mentioned the need to centrally coordinate relations with the Legislature.
  6. 6.Ostrander finds the internal (research) infrastructure in really bad shape, with high risks in 3 areas: accidents, losing faculty, not recruiting faculty.
  7. 7.Ostrander described his intention to upgrade research throughout the campus, including the humanities. Ostrander includes scholarship within the term research.
  8. 8.Ramsey praised Ostrander for the speed by which he obtained the name change for PBRC (which had been sought by the faculty in PBRC). Ostrander confirmed the name change and stated that hiring a new head for PBRC was to be done expeditiously (Ostrander is now acting head of PBRC).
  9. 9.Ostrander stated near the end of the meeting that he still didn't know his fiscal resources.

In the future, the SEC will meet with Ostrander about once a month instead of twice a month, and COR will meet with him instead.

After meeting with VCR Ostrander, the SEC continued with its regular meeting.

Schroeder circulated a chair's report by email, and confirmed that he would be testifying at the Board of Regents in support of the Manoa Reorganization Plan. He distributed a revised 2/8/2005 chart of new versus old positions for the reorganization. Schroeder added further detail about chaotic financial accounts at Manoa (supporting, although not addressing, Ostrander's statement). He also distributed McClain's letter to the BOR in support of the Manoa reorganization. Finally, he distributed two preliminary reports from the Ad Hoc Committee on Classified and Proprietary Research.

CAPP has tabled the Honors College proposal, after meeting with VCAA Smatresk. CAPP's academic review of the JABSOM/Kakaako Report was finished; CAPP sent it directly to VPR Gaines and the SEC had it distributed to the full Senate. CAPP tabled the Public Policy Center until the A&S Faculty Senate works out its issues with the proposal.

CFS may have a nominee for a General Education Board, requiring confirmation at the February Senate meeting.

CAB had no meeting and was not ready to go public with its draft report on the JABSOM/Kakaako Report.

CSA did not meet.

Lukas is quite concerned that no flood ombudsman has been appointed; he brought that to the attention of COR for their consideration. Faculty needs continue to fall through the cracks, especially getting fiscal officers to act upon purchase orders for which funds have been made available.

There was no report from COA as its liaison Dator was absent.

Hilgers reported about GenEd. Emily Hawkins is willing to chair GenEd next year (Patty Fryer, the vice chair, will be away).

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