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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 7, 2005


Present: Tom Schroeder, chair, Tom Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Janet Uchida, Charlotte Mitsutani, Jim Dator

Tom Ramsey was excused.

1. The meeting began at 3:05. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as submitted.

2. The agenda for the Faculty Congress of March 16 was accepted as presented on today's SEC agenda, but there was lengthy discussion about the agenda for the Manoa Faculty Senate that is to follow the Congress.

With the telephoned agreement of Ruth Dawson, the order of the agenda was revised to place Ruth Dawson and her resolution after the Resolution by the Ad Hoc Committee on Classified Research. Otherwise the order will be as it appears on today's SEC agenda. However, time allotted to each topic is modified, so the order and number of minutes for the MFS meeting will be:

Approval of Feb 16 minutes (5 minutes)
Voting on Proposed Bylaws Amendments (10 minutes)
Resolution by Ad Hoc Committee on Classified Research (20 minutes)
Resolution on Classified, Proprietary Research by Ruth Dawson (20 minutes)
Resolutions from CAPP on proposed Hawaiian Studies MA degree; Hawaiian Language degree; Ethnobotany Degree; and GEC issues (30 minutes)
Unstructured discussion (5 minutes)

3. Report on Committees by SEC liaison:

CPM did not meet.

CAPP will meet on Wednesday to determine which of the resolutions listed in the Senate agenda above it will have ready in time.

GEC will meet Wednesday and discuss four possible changes in policy suggested last semester.

CFS has not met face to face, but is trying to deal with vacancies via email.

CAB met on Friday. Concerning the issue of whether administrative reorganization requires new constituencies for the Senate, CAB said CFS should handle this. There was discussion as to whether the last sentence describing the work of the CSA should be deleted or not.

CSA has not met on this, or any other, issue.

COR met. VCR Ostrander gave them a lecture about the future of research at UHM similar to the one he gave the SEC, stressing that UHM must attain mainland-style levels of research and scholarly excellence. He expressed concern about inadequate facilities for research and scholarly activities at UHM. Subsequent discussion raised the issue with the VCR of inadequate administrative support for the current level of extramurally-funded research. Concern was expressed also about the fact that the old RTRF allocation agreement expires in May and a new one is not in place--nor even under discussion. The VCR promised that the old policy would be continued until such time as a thoroughly vetted new policy was agreed upon.

COA will meet before the Congress/Senate meeting and discuss the COIA Academic Integrity issue.

4. Tom Schroeder noted that balloting is delayed in some constituencies because the members work off-island and the ballots are sent to them by surface mail, if at all. He wondered if it would be possible, under the new Banner system, to use electronic voting for the Senate. Dator reminded him that the Committee on Faculty Service had considered electronic voting long ago, but that at that time there was not a universal list of UHM faculty members. Now there is, and so the CFS should be tasked with working with System ITS in designing and implementing an electronic voting system.

Robert Bley-Vroman informed the SEC about discussions resulting from the BOR action on the Hilo PhD proposal.

Hilgers updated the SEC on UCA considerations.

The meeting adjourned at 4:50 PM

Jim Dator
Acting scribe

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