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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 14, 2005

Senate Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the regular meeting about 3 p.m., with most SEC members meeting from 2:00 p.m. with VCR Ostrander. The UARC dominated the discussions with Ostrander. The SEC pled vigorously that the chancellor would consult the university community about the UARC as widely and publicly as possible.

1. Chairman Schroeder expressed strong unhappiness that Chancellor Englert had been put on the agenda for the March Faculty Congress. The SEC had done this in Schroeder's absence.

2. The review of the minutes for March 7 was postponed.

3. Schroeder has invited/wants to invite VP Johnsrud to the April Senate meeting to review the new tuition proposal. The SEC expressed some interest, but suggested other venues or putting her near the end of the agenda (so that business can be conducted while there is a quorum).

4. The SEC approved the election results for incoming senators.

5. Gen Ed faces renewed opening-of-old-wounds with a decision by HCC (Honolulu Community College) to articulate to Manoa a course that Arts & Sciences will not accept.

6. CAPP will bring 3 resolutions to the Senate: M. degree proposals from Hawaiian languages and from Hawaiian studies, and a resolution regarding prerequisites.

7. The SEC has learned that there may be a total of 20 E (Emeritus) parking passes being used on campus at any one time. Such passes seem to be the wrong focus for dealing with budget problems in the parking office.

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