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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 28, 2005

Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the SEC at 3:00 p.m. with everyone present except Dator. Around 4:30 p.m. the SEC met with Chancellor Englert to discuss numerous issues (UARC, etc.).

1.The review of minutes was postponed.

2.The Chair reported on the most recent BoR meeting, where the progress on the Hilo Ph.D. was discussed. The chair also reported on an MME meeting: budget, authorizations to spend, procurement bill, UARC update. The MLT will meet April 15.

3.The proposed ACCFSC Charter and Bylaws need to be reviewed by each of the many Manoa faculty senates and approved by most of them (about 2/3 of the senates must approve). The Manoa Faculty Senate will take this up in April (5 minutes?).

4.There will be a task force about how to evaluate facilities management. The SEC will suggest to CFS the members of the CAB subcommittee on facilities.

5.CAPP is considering the film school, ethnobotany and tuition, with possible actions for the April Senate meeting. CAB will consider tuition with a possible resolution for the April Senate meeting. GenEd is dealing with the slow and untimely processes of its H Board (and meeting in two days to discuss this). CFS is meeting next week. CAB is meeting April 8. CAPP is meeting the week prior to the April senate meeting. CFS is meeting April 5. COA, COR, and CSA had not met, so there was no information to report.

6.Some options for the April 20 Senate agenda were discussed: a presentation from Johnsrud about the proposed tuition schedule; a presentation from JABSOM; ethnobotany from CAPP; a tuition resolution from CAB; an introduction of SEC candidates; UARC; the ACCFSC Charter and Bylaws.

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