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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of May 16, 2005

Vice-Chairman Tom Hilgers convened the SEC at 2:00 p.m. with J. Tiles, Uchida, Hilgers, Ramsey, Lampe and Staff attending. Vice Chancellor Smatresk arrived about 2:10 p.m. (having sent word that he would be late). He discussed the draft report to WASC for the upcoming accreditation visit; implementing the strategic plan; recent actions of the legislature; and the proposed tuition increase. VC Smatresk requested that the SEC prepare a collective response to the draft report to WASC.

1. The minutes of May 9 were adopted after revision (done while we awaited VC Smatresk).

2. VC Smatresk will distribute a longer-term budget allocation plan in August. The SEC tentatively agreed to schedule a Congress for September 14 to hear that plan (formally) and respond to it. The SEC would also cosponsor strategic plan implementation workshops that VC Smatresk has planned for September 28, encouraging participation by senators and standing committee members. The output from the workshops would then be sent to CAPP, CAB and COR for review; adoption of the plan would be held until the Senate formally responds.

3. The SEC named Roy Wilkens, Danielle Conway-Jones, Calvin Pang, David Ross and Sara Rutter to a faculty working group that is asked to gather and organize information that the faculty needs to take informed positions about the proposed UARC. Jim Tiles would call the working group to a 2:00 p.m. Friday, May 20, meeting, to discuss their task.

4. Tom Hilgers and Jim Tiles would be present at the BOR meetings this week (expected to be all day Thursday and part of Friday). It was decided that faculty need not be present to testify about the proposed tuition. In reviewing the past actions of the Senate, it was noted that the Senate had not taken a position on the proposed tuition increase and that the standing committees had been given opportunity to comment if they had wished. No standing committee had chosen to comment. Also, VC Smatresk had suggested earlier that the BOR might be weary from long days of numerous persons repeating the same testimony.

5. Jim Tiles will circulate some preliminary comments on the draft report to WASC.

6. Tom Ramsey reminded the SEC that Jim Gaines was bringing a policy on classified research to the BOR in June. Tom Hilgers tried to obtain copies of the proposed policy during the SEC meeting; no copy was available in Hawaii Hall.

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