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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of May 23, 2005

Chairman Tom Schroeder convened the SEC at 3:00 p.m. Dator, Hilgers, Uchida, Ramsey, Staff, Lampe, and Konan attended. At 4:30 p.m. the meeting adjourned to meet with Chancellor Englert for one hour, at which the SEC discussed UARC, JABSOM (financial "plan" and reorganization), and the WASC special visit.

1. The minutes of May 16 were approved with revision.

2. Tom Hilgers circulated by email a chair's report about the most recent Board of Regents meeting, at which a six-year tuition schedule was adopted (forward from the autumn of 2006). Hilgers (among other witnesses) reported that various Manoa deans gave excellent testimony in favor of the tuition raise.

3. The SEC looked at the proposed classified research policy that VP Gaines might submit to the Board of Regents in June. The accompanying proposed (system) administrative procedures have a number of implementation problems, which Tom Schroeder SEC will seek to clarify with VP Gaines. The policy refers to a non-existent Manoa Faculty Committee on Classified Research and implicitly gives it system authority. To whom does it report? Who appoints it? The SEC believes that appointees to "Manoa" "faculty" committees come through the Manoa Faculty Senate, the SEC for the Manoa Faculty Senate, or standing committees of the Manoa Faculty Senate such as CFS.

4. Hilgers alerted the SEC that we (acting as CFS for the summer) must add two more faculty members to the Search Committee for VC for Student Affairs (the CFS sought 12 but 2 refused). The search committee is large and 12 faculty are needed.

5. The SEC received on May 23 a (system) Draft Sexual Assault Policy and Procedural Guidelines with a response requested by May 31. Tom Schroeder will express our concerns about the deadline.

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