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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 13, 2005

Chairman Bley-Vroman convened the SEC at 1:00 p.m. to meet with VPR Gaines, with Schroeder, Lampe, Dator, Raleigh, Staff and Ramsey present. At 2:00 p.m. the SEC met with VCR Ostrander. Around 3:00 p.m. the SEC took up its regular business, with Tom Hilgers also present.

1. VPR Gaines stated that BOR consideration of any classified research policy would be postponed until after the BOR takes up the UARC at its October meeting. However, current administrative procedures/policies need extensive revision. This revision is possible regardless of how the formal overall policy is revised by the BOR.

2. VPR Gaines discussed possible faculty oversight of classified and proprietary research proposals, as well as conflicts-of-interests (e.g., the University negotiates a contract concerning a faculty member with a corporation founded by that faculty member). He discussed having a faculty committee(s) review classified and proprietary research grants in an approximately one-week window between the announcement of the grant and its formal acceptance by the University. Currently there are 4 classified grants at UHM, with a fifth one (a project funded for many years already) about to be classified. None of these have publication restrictions in the sense of the Senate resolution of 2005, in that such things as data gathering are classified but not the overall analysis. VPR Gaines estimates that a faculty committee might have to review one classified research proposal a year. Gaines is more concerned about the approximately 60 per year proprietary awards, which UHM would like to see be 10 times more numerous. A separate issue might be the "task orders" accepted under any UARC that is created, because they are handled differently (more expeditiously?). The turn-around-time and workload concerned the SEC, and the SEC discussed setting policy guidelines/check lists/procedures that might expedite the processing. It was agreed to send copies of all proprietary awards for one year to CPM and COR, so that CPM and COR can research possible policy recommendations. Redacted copies of the classified awards might also be sent, but further information about the redacted material would be made available. Any committee members receiving the proprietary material would need to sign non-disclosure agreements.

3. VCR Ostrander addressed the college-level policies for distributing a college's RTRF share. He brought copies of the policies that the various colleges/units had provided him. A cursory glance revealed that many did not have policies.

4. Ostrander also discussed having a faculty oversight committee for UARC "task orders" (maybe think of them fast-tracked, non-competitive, expedited research contracts). If there is a UARC, there could be as many as 250 of these actions to review annually, at least formally. For example, last minute change of some budget item is quite common (e.g. 11 days at sea instead of 10) and formally that change is another "task order". Tentatively, the SEC would like any oversight committee to be faculty only, just advisory (so that faculty are not limiting the academic freedom of other faculty members), appointed by the Senate or the CFS, and having public proceedings (in part, so that student organizations can send observers and reporters).

5. The minutes of June 6 were edited and approved.

6. Co-chair Tom Schroeder reported that the CFO search continues; one candidate dropped out and a visit has been scheduled with Howard Todo (CFO, Island Air).

7. Co-chair Robert Bley-Vroman reported on his efforts to learn more about the status of the Hilo Ph.D. program. He promised to bring a copy of a faculty housing survey. He forwarded the "Life Cycle Cost" faculty housing report to the administration and will consult further with the subcommittee of CAB that wrote it. Bley-Vroman described the most recent MLT meeting, which discussed the Legislature's most recent budget decisions and what to do about them. The MLT heard about a "visionary plan" for completely rebuild the sports complex in the quarry (and to do so by raising lots of money).

8. CPM will be asked to research a code for civility on campus. On behalf of the SEC, Lampe drafted the following request. "Since rational discussion is central to the purpose of a university, CPM will be asked to draft a resolution reaffirming that centrality and the resulting obligation on every member of a university to respect the opinions of others and to respect the right of others to speak without interruption or intimidation."

9. The administration has convened a committee to review policies about faculty housing, at the behest of Dean Hughes and others. Co-chair Schroeder will ascertain whether any faculty member has been appointed to it.

10. Hilgers moved that the SEC nominate Ann Bayer (Educational Psychology) and Jeff Brooks-Harris (Counseling and Student Development Center) to an expanded search committee for a VCSA. The SEC unanimously agreed.

11. The SEC agreed that Swee Berkey (Law Librarian) would continue to serve on the Food Service Advisory Committee through August 31, by which time CFS can nominate someone.

12. Hilgers circulated a list of vacancies on GEC and its boards F, E, H/HAP, O, and W.

13. Dator and Raleigh agreed to draft a charge for a committee to review UARC task orders.

14. At the next meeting, there will be further discussion of the issues raised by VPR Gaines about extramural research grants. Also, SEC reimbursements will be reviewed.

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