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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of June 20, 2005

Chairman Bley-Vroman convened the SEC at 3:00 p.m., with Lukas, Lampe, Dator, Raleigh, Staff and Ramsey present. The meeting was interrupted by a visit from President McClain, who discussed possible replacements for Englert as UHM Chancellor. McClain requested confidentiality.

1. The minutes of June 13 were approved after editing.

2. The Chair reported (MME was canceled, UCP met, passed around the room a single copy of the faculty housing survey, discussed a possible SEC retreat at the chair's home, 4 p.m. Sunday June 26).

3. The SEC voted 6 yes with 1 no to send the results of the faculty housing survey to an administrative committee reviewing housing policy, but to exclude the entire section of the survey related to current management of faculty housing.

4. The SEC discussed CGPRI and asking Englert about it. Konan noted that CGPRI is not a "center" in the meaning of the original proposal because it is a research initiative. Raleigh described some of the grants of CGPRI as "pork", to which Ramsey offered mild objection and Raleigh responded that "pork" was not pejorative. Lampe was disturbed that Englert went ahead with CGPRI (albeit, in a modified form) after getting a clear negative message from consulting with the Senate. Lukas reminded everyone that he thought the original proposal misused alleged faculty endorsements.

5. Bley-Vroman reported that he and Hilgers were making progress in recruiting for vacant positions for GenEd boards.

6. The following items were put off to the next meeting: is there a faculty member on the administrative committee that is reviewing policy that governs faculty housing? What should be the release time allocation for SEC members? How do we advise VCR Ostrander about having a faculty committee internal to UARC to review task orders? How do we help VPR Gaines on policy issues raised by proprietary or classified research?

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