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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of July 15, 2005

Friday July 15, 2005, 3:05-4:15 p.m. HH 208

Present: Dator, Hilgers, Raleigh, Staff, Tiles (acting chair)

1. The draft minutes of the meeting of July 11 were approved.

2. The acting chair reported on the meetings of the Manoa Management Executive (MME) and Manoa Leadership Team (MLT) earlier the same day.*

3. The draft text (as of 12:30 p.m.) of the message the acting chair is to convey to the BoR regarding the appointments of interim and permanent chancellors was approved with one minor modification.**

4. The acting chair reported little success in coming up with documents or recollections of the search for the Chancellor that was conducted four years ago. Without the texts of the job descriptions and advertisements used in that search, it will not be easy to clarify to ourselves what we should ask for this time. If a list of search committee members can be found, it will be useful to learn what each recalls of the process. Joanne Clark has promised to see what documents (including a list of committee members) she can obtain from the System. Joanne Cooper reported she has "just" deleted the relevant files, but would work on her recollections over the coming weekend. Deane Neubauer will be contacted.

5. To start the process of creating a handbook for new SEC members, the acting chair will circulate a paragraph of the Senate by-laws*** on the function of the SEC and invite old and new SEC members to list what other functions have in their experience devolved to the SEC.

6. Several names to fill a vacancy on the search committee for the Vice Chancellor for Student Services were given to Tom Hilgers, and the SEC can, hopefully, fill the vacancy at its next meeting.

The following comments are not part of the draft minutes:

* One of the matters discussed at the MLT and reported on at the SEC meeting was the new policy on tuition waivers. It occurred to me after meeting that I had not seen anything on this in my experience on CAPP last year and suspect that it has never been referred to the Senate. I think the VCAA should be asked for a statement of the policy with all the wrinkles to accommodate special pleading and this should be referred to one or more of CAPP, CAB, and Student Affairs for comment and possible Senate action. If this matter -- with obvious implications for academic policy -- has not been referred to the Senate, I suspect it was because of an oversight and not a deliberate slight, but the VCAA should be scolded for failing to consult with the Senate.

**Sentence in paragraph seven now to read, "The SEC believes to the contrary that the best pool of candidate for the post of Chancellor will depend on the perceptions of prospective candidates of the degree of managerial autonomy they will be able to exercise [and (over?) the resources available to them.]"

***Article III. Section 5. Duties. a. The Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the Senate and the Congress, shall identify and arrange for consideration and study of all goals, policies, and programs relating to the physical and academic development of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, including allocation of financial resources, student enrollment, distribution of enrollment among programs and between upper-division and lower-division programs, direction of emphasis in existing programs, the academic effect of administrative organization, quality of scholarship, quality of teaching, quality of research, quality of service, and the relationships between the University of Hawaii at Manoa and other units of the University System. [Bylaws. Faculty Congress and Senate. University of Hawaii at Manoa]

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