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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 1, 2005

Present: Bley-Vroman, Hilgers, Lukas, Raleigh, Staff, Tiles

SEC meeting called to order at 2:35 pm.

1. The draft minutes of the July 25 meeting were approved, pending clarifications to #4 (appointments to GEC and General Education Board).

2. New appointments to fill remaining GEC board vacancies were approved, as follows: Writing: Ruth Bingham, Arts & Sciences, term 3 years; CEI: Dave Bess, Business, term 1 year. HAP: Dean Alegado, Ethnic Studies, term3 years. The SEC will ask CFS to consider appointing Dina Yoshimi, Japanese, to a term beginning in January, 2006.

3. The Chair reported that Interim Chancellor Konan has disbanded the MME. No decision has been made as to how management decisions will be made during the coming year. The SEC chair sat on the MME and therefore will be interested in any replacement committee proposed. The MLT is currently still in place.

4. Regarding the selection process for a new permanent chancellor. SEC agreed: a) the search should begin immediately, with recruitment ads posted by the end of September; b) the search committee chair should be a faculty member with a positive public profile and track record; c) the chair should have adequate secretarial support; d) the search process should disqualify candidates not willing to be exposed to public scrutiny, reference checks, etc. The SEC intends to share these ideas with Konan and solicit her thoughts on the search process.

5. It was agreed that the annual evaluation of the chancellor should be structured to provide the BOR with formal input from at least the following: Faculty Senate, GSO, ASUH, Deans/Directors, President.

6. It was agreed to add an August meeting to the regular meeting schedule of the Faculty Senate. The meeting will be August 31, 3:00 pm in Law Classroom 2. The September 21 meeting will be the second meeting . At the August meeting, Konan will be asked to present a) a summary of the urgent Manoa budget challenges and b) a plan to establish an effective relationship with the legislature under her administration.

7. Konan has resigned from the SEC. Appointing or electing a replacement member was discussed; decision postponed pending input from absent SEC members. It was agreed that the first alternate will assume the 2-year SEC position.

8. Liaisons to the committees were approved:

9. CAB & CFS: Raleigh.
CAPP & Athletics: Lampe.
CSA: Staff
COR & CPM: Tiles
GEC: Pending new SEC member

Committee assignments of Senators will be determined next week.

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