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Manoa Faculty Senate
Standing Committee on Faculty Service
Activities Report for AY 2005-2006

CFS attempted to fill requests for faculty representation on various committees. The task was challenging since many faculty were not particularly interested in serving, especially for work that is not highly visible. CFS under faculty is busy and can offer little incentive to encourage faculty to provide service.

A few issues were encountered relative to transmitting requests to the committee. Informal requests and formal requests that did not reach the Faculty Senate office got lost and CFS recommends that all requests be made in writing and submitted to the office so staff can log the request. This allows staff to assist in tracking requests.

CFS is pleased to report that the election process is now electronic. Concerns about the electronic process have brought to light some issues that need to be addressed. They are presented here in two groups. The first group deals with content issues that will require a charter change. The second group involves process issues.

The constituencies need to be examined. They can be posted on the website so that Senators can look to see if they feel their constituency needs revision. Two groups have already expressed interest in a change. The constituencies are listed in the charter and this is likely too much detail for the charter. At the same time, the idea of a nominating election appears to be outdated. Faculty may be too busy to engage in a two-tiered voting process and a direct vote appears to be the most efficient approach.

While the content issues described above will likely take care of the majority of the concerns associated with the election by next year, the process will likely take a few more years to be trouble free. First, the turnout was around 17 percent so faculty will need to be educated about the role of the UHM Faculty Senate and about the new voting system. Second, the technical challenge of assembling the e-mail addresses for every faculty member, obtaining their agreement to serve, if elected, and counting the votes required the assistance of those who are not members of CFS. Some work will have to be done to get this system as automated as possible over the next few years and document all procedures. In the past, CFS has relied on some informal arrangements and assistance from staff. An electronic system will be more exacting to implement. The current elections officer has agreed to continue to assist and that will likely provide CFS will the expertise needed to accomplish the task.

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