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Foundations Board Annual Report

The Foundations Board for 2005-2006 consisted of Krystyna Aune, Steve Canham, David Chin (Chair), Sherwood Maynard, Patricia Nishimoto, Joel Weiner (Vice-Chair) and Lyndon Wester. Jon Goss was the GEC liaison and Barbara Mueller-Ali (GEO) served as recorder. Jerry Saviano (HCC) and Dennis Nullet (KCC) frequently attended our meetings to improve inter-campus cooperation in the Foundations area.

1. Policies and Hallmarks

The Foundations Board recommended one change to the Foundations Hallmarks: The Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG) Hallmark 4, which used to read "include at least one component on Hawaiian, Pacific, and Asian societies and their cultural traditions." The Board recommended to the GEC that this Hallmark be changed to read, "include at least one component on Hawaiian, Pacific, or Asian societies and their cultural traditions." The GEC voted to approve this change. The reason for the change was to clarify the interpretation of the Hallmark. The Foundations Board unanimously agreed that a course satisfying the FG requirement requires only one component on Hawaiian, Pacific or Asian societies and their cultural traditions and that a course satisfying FG need not contain three different components, one for Hawaiian societies, another for a non-Hawaiian Pacific society and yet another for an Asian society. The representatives from the KCC and HCC Foundations Boards concurred that their Boards have been making the same interpretation and that a change in wording would help clarify the meaning of the Hallmark.

The Foundations Board in conjunction with the Foundations Boards of HCC and KCC wrote Explanatory Notes for FG and FW. FS Explanatory Notes are still being developed.

2. Proposal Review

The Foundations Board did not receive any applications from Manoa during 2005-2006. It received a proposal from Leeward CC for Math 112, which was reviewed and recommended for approval for FS effective Spring 2006 to Fall 2010. Two proposals were received from Hawaii CC, History 153 and History 154. Additional information needed for review was requested from Hawaii CC and further deliberation was tabled until a response is received.

The Foundations Board developed procedures and application forms for renewal of Foundations designations. The procedures and application forms were designed to ask for enough information so that the Board could perform diligent assessment without unduly burdening the applying department with an excessive workload. Each Hallmark was analyzed to determine what types of assessment materials might be appropriate and these are requested in the renewal forms. To help spread out the timing of renewals, most of which are due next academic year, we asked the History and Math departments to submit renewals for some of their courses early in Spring 2006 and delay the rest of their renewals until 2007- 2008. Math submitted renewals for Math 100/100A, 140, and 203. History submitted renewals for History 151 and 152. For all of these courses, the Foundations Board recommended approval of renewal for another 5-year period, Fall 2007 through Summer 2012. The Foundations Board recommended that the delayed courses, Math 215, 241, 251A and History 155, 161A and 162A be granted an additional year on their original 5 year FS or FG designation.

3. Current Status of Offerings

There are a sufficient number and variety of course offerings to satisfy Gen Ed requirements for all Manoa students.

4. Faculty development efforts

Because no Manoa department expressed an interest in applying for Foundation designation, the Board cancelled the development workshop that was originally planned for Spring 2006.

5. Assessment

The Hallmarks have been very effective. Except for the minor change of a single word in the FG Hallmark 4, all other Hallmarks are standing the test of time quite well.

6. Current Concerns and Issues

The first set of renewals from Math and History for FS and FG designations respectively showed a wide range in the amount of supporting materials submitted for the renewal applications. Some of the Math renewal packets were deemed to be somewhat excessive in length. Perhaps future renewal forms should ask for relevant excerpts (e.g., relevant sample problems from exams) rather than complete documents (e.g., complete exams) following the lead of the KCC renewal form.

7. Future Priorities and Goals

Future priorities and goals include completing the FS Explanatory Notes, assessment and possible revision of the procedures and application forms for renewal of Foundations designations, and improving the Foundations web page. The primary work for the Board in 2006-2007 will be processing renewal applications from the many courses that are due for renewal in 2006-2007.

8. Intercampus Foundations Boards

The Chairs of the three current Foundations Boards at Manoa (David Chin), HCC (Jerry Saviano) and KCC (Dennis Nullet) met to review the procedures and portfolios of the other campuses' Foundations Boards. All three Board Chairs agreed that the other Boards were performing as expected and that the portfolios of the other campus Boards should be accepted at each of their own campuses.

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