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Minutes of the Manoa Faculty Senate Standing Committee on Research, August 24, 2005

The Committee met at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday August 24, In Hawai'i Hall 208. In attendance: Patricia Donegan (LLL), David Duffy (NS), Mike Garcia (SOEST), Jennifer Herring (ED), Patricia Lorenzo (CRC), Roger Lukas (SOEST), Gerard Russo (SS), Bruce Shiramizu (JABSOM), James Tiles (AH), Steve Ward (JABSOM).

The first action of the committee was to elect a chair. David Duffy (NS) was nominated and agreed to serve, and he was elected by acclamation. The committee agreed that the task of taking minutes of these meetings is to rotate among the members, in alphabetical order.

The main item of business was discussion of a proposed revision of BOR Policy 5-19 and of Executive Policy E5.218, which relate to employment practices.

Roger Lukas cited correspondence from faculty and RCUH employees regarding the new policy, and noted that all who wrote are against the change. Lukas presented a draft resolution urging the BOR reject the new policy and implement the "September 2004 policy", which was passed by the BOR in September 2004 (after extensive negotiation among all concerned parties, including considerable faculty input).

In the discussion of the draft resolution, the Committee seemed to be in full agreement with the points noted in the resolution. Discussion centered on how the resolution could best be presented to the full Senate. A set of significant problems that would result from implementation of the new policy was circulated and discussed; this also had the general agreement of the Committee.

A motion to take the following action passed unopposed (1 abstention): Jim Tiles, our SEC liaison, will communicate to the Senate Executive Committee, in a draft resolution to be submitted by Friday Sept. 26th, the Research Committee's view that the currently proposed policy will produce serious problems, and that the Committee urges implementation of the September 2004 policy, as passed by the BOR.

The Committee plans to meet on the first Wednesday of the month. We will meet again on September 7 at 3:00 pm, Room TBA. Tasks for the semester include formulation of a policy on proprietary research and a proposal that RCUH be the official recipient of extramural funding.

Patricia Donegan
(Secretary Pro Tem)

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