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Minutes of Manoa Faculty Senate Standing Committee on Research (COR), September 7, 2005

The Committee convened at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, 07Sep05, in Hawai'i Hall 208.

Committee members in attendance: Patricia Donegan (LLL), David Duffy (NS), Mike Garcia (SOEST), Jennifer Herring (ED), Roger Lukas (SOEST), Gerard Russo (SS), Bruce Shiramizu (JABSOM) Steve Ward (JABSOM).

Absent members: Patricia Lorenzo (CRC), James Tiles (AH).

Guests: Gary Ostrander, Vice Chancellor for Research, Robert Bley-Vroman, Manoa Faculty Senate Chair

(For a copy of the meeting agenda, see below.)

Minutes from 28Aug05 meeting were approved and will be sent to Senate secretary.

Notice was given that Steve Robinow resigned from COR, leaving nine committee members. A concern was raised that the committee would need at least five members to have a quorum, which will be more difficult with nine instead of ten members, but will continue to work with the current nine members for now.

Vice Chancellor Ostrander was invited to attend the meeting. He presented a summary of current status of several Manoa Dean/Director searches, answered questions and added comments during discussion.

The main item of discussion was defining this year's COR agenda. The Committee needs to educate themselves on these various research-related topics. Issues from the COR 2005 Annual Report were noted including: UARC, classified research, flood ombudsman, graduate student research funding, RTRF, and MOA and contracts. The flood ombudsman and graduate student research funding are no longer issues for the committee. UARC is being handled by the Ad Hoc Senate UARC committee. Robert Bley-Vroman, the Faculty Senate Chair encouraged COR members to become familiar with the interim report of the Ad Hoc Senate UARC committee, and their final report, once it is prepared, and to offer advice to the Senate on this important matter. Also mentioned as potential COR discussion topics were: lab animal services, research infrastructure, a new Biohazard Safety Lab 3 facility, proprietary research, and NIH electronic submission. Considerable discussion ensued on these topics.

A preliminary list of topics and lead committee members for each topic include:

1. Proprietary research- Roger Lukas will circulate draft proposal guidelines;

2. Biohazard Safety Lab 3- Steve Ward will get information on this topic (Robert Bley-Vroman will forward information also) and will see if Dr. Duane Gubler will be available to present it to the committee; and

3. RTRF- Jennifer Herring will contact the Vice Chancellor's office for a presentation to the Senate of RTRF expenditures last year. Robert Bley-Vroman will forward RTRF policies from each Manoa school to the Committee Chair for discussion at our next meeting.

The Vice Chancellor agreed to assist ORS with hardware and software to facilitate their operation to ensure that office is able to cope with current and anticipated demands for electronic grant submission. Also, it was mentioned that attempts are being make to hire more grant officers but this has been a problem because of the limited salary scale that currently exists. A suggestion was made to the Vice Chancellor that ORS should acknowledge receipt of any faculty communication within 24 hours and should respond substantially on the matter within one week.

The Vice Chancellor responded that he thought this was reasonable and would look into this matter.

The Committee reminded the Vice Chancellor of last years' Senate resolution to request a report from his office on RTRF expenditures. He agreed to provide and present this report at a Senate meeting, and to answer questions of Senators on this report.

The first COR resolution of 2005-6 academic year to the Senate urging implementation of the September 2004 policy regarding RCUH hiring was passed by the Senate without dissent. Senate Chair noted that this was a rare phenomenon for a Senate meeting.

Next COR meeting will be Oct. 5 at 3:00 pm in Hawaii Hall 208. Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.

Michael Garcia (Secretary Pro Tem)


1. Approval of minutes of 24 August 2005 meeting
2. Resignation of Steve Robinow
3. Potential COR priorities for coming year
b.MOAs and Contracts*
c.Laboratory Animal Services*
d.Research Infrastructure*
e.ERA and Electronic Submission of Grants to NIH*
f.Proprietary Research
*from annual report
4. Other issues?
1.Minutes of 24 August 2005
2.First Annual Report of the Committee on Research of the Manoa Faculty Senate

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