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Manoa Faculty Standing Committee on Research

5 October 2005
Hawaii Hall 208
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Present: Patricia Donagan, Jim Douglas, David Duffy, Michael Garcia, Duane Gubler, Clarice Hashimoto, Jennifer Herring, Chieko Kimata (Jimmy Efird), Patricia Lorenzo, Roger Lukas, Gary Ostrander, Gerrard Russo, Jim Tiles, Steven Ward, Ric Yanigahara

Excused: Bruce Shiramizu

1. Introduction of Committee Members and Guests:

2. Approval of minutes of 7 September 2005 meeting.

3. Waimano Biosafety Facility --- Dr. Duane Gubler, Director of Asia-Pacific Institute for Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Duane Gubler shared a photocopy of a PowerPoint presentation about the Proposed Hawaii Regional Biosafety Laboratory, HRBL, (See Attachment). An application to the NIH was submitted September 2004 for the proposed Level III, facility. The HRBL is part of a network of 14 Regional Biosafety Laboratories. The new location for the proposed facility is just north (mauka) of the Department of Health Laboratory on Waimano Home Road.

The cost for constructing the facility is estimated at 25 million with 12 million in matching State funds. Jim Gaines will serve as the PI on this project. The University will own the facility and the National Institute for Health will oversee the building of the facility and the type of work conducted at the facility. The proposed timeline for this project was shared as follows:

  1. Completion of the Bio Assessment Plan
  2. 18 month environmental assessment
  3. 2 years to build (65,000 square feet, one story, stand alone, physical barrier)
  4. 6 months to obtain operation certification
  5. Available for operation in 2010

The State of Hawaii has already indicated that it will not pick up any additional costs incurred. The business and financial plans are under construction. The estimated annual operating cost is between 4 million and 3.5 million, depending on the status of the construction debt.

The role of the facility is to serve the community as a Center for Disease Control for infectious diseases such as SARS, West Nile, Dengue fever, and Avian influenza. The research will focus on disease prevention and treatment, immune system defense in fighting infectious diseases, and new technologies in genomics, proteomics, and microarrays.

Currently infectious diseases introduced to Hawaii are analyzed in a small lab at the Department of Health Laboratory, or at another small lab at Leiahi Hospital, or are shipped to other RBLs on the mainland.

Committee members and guests in attendance voiced questions regarding community input, faculty input, safety of the facility, UH ability to manage the facility, reported economic benefits, impact on UH funds, employment of existing PI's or additional PI's.

The community liaison for this project is Ann Chung, Hawaii Biotech and the Hawaii Life Sciences Council, who can be reached at or 547-5835.

4. RTRF --- Dr. Gary Ostrander, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education. A communication and scheduling error prevented Gary Ostrander from presenting at our meeting. He will attend our November meeting for his presentation on RTRF. David Duffy will contact Jim Gaines and ask him to present information about the system-wide distribution of RTRF.

5. Other --- The Committee on Research will continue to work on issues related to the following topics and may need to form smaller working groups to create resolutions to address these issues-


  1. Minutes and Agenda of 7 September 2005
  2. University of Hawaii, Regional Biosafety Laboratory, Waimano Home Road, Honolulu, HI. Questions and Answers
  3. PowerPoint Presentation - Proposed Hawaii Regional Biosafety Laboratory, Universitiy of Hawaii
  4. NIAID: Biodefense Research:

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