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Manoa Faculty Senate Committee on Research Minutes, April 12, 2006

3:00-4:10 pm
BioMed E-Court Conference Room

Members in Attendance: Patricia Lorenzo, W. Steven Ward, Patricia Donegan, Gerard Russo, David Duffy, Bruce Shiramizu
Members Excused: Jennifer Herring, Michael Garcia
Guest: James Gaines (Interim Vice President for Research)
Senate Executive Committee Liaison: James Tiles

David Duffy called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

Minutes: Report by Vice President James Gaines on the System RTRF. Vice President James Gaines was introduced and reported on the UH System RTRF. Copies of the RTRF reports were emailed to COR members last week. VP Gaines reported that he has prepared Annual Reports for the last 3 years. He briefly summarized the current System RTRF policy. The 10 Units under the System receives 75% of the RTRF. The System retains 25% of the RTRF. From the System 25%, there is an "off-the-top" contribution of approximately 7.5 million dollars used for: RCUH fees, ITS, faculty housing allotment, etc. He explained that the RTRF funds are used to support research and research-related matters. There are two exceptions governed by the State: approximately 12% is set aside for faculty housing and 4-5% set aside for inventions and discovery revolving fund (OTTED).

The main point provided by VP Gaines was that he has no current plans to drastically change the formula currently in place to allocate the RTRF funds for the next few years. He acknowledged that many Units rely on the RTRF funds for their day-to-day function of their Units. He reported that for this year, the RTRF projections were up by 6-7% at the mid-year point. Question from James Tiles: Regarding the future security and need of the VP for Research. VP Gaines expressed his view the current situation in the System is that specific entities report (or plan) to the VP for Research, such as the Maui Supercomputer, proposed Biocontainment Facility, proposed UARC, etc. Therefore in the future there should probably be some manager or position in that capacity.

Question from James Tiles: Asked for a clarification from a statement by the President that in the first 3 years of the UARC, no classified research will take place. VP Gaines clarified that his understanding was that UH will not accept any classified task order in the first 3 years. As an example, there may be a project that is not classified, but the investigator or other personnel may be required to have security clearance in order to work on the project. That is, needing security clearance in order to have access to a security facility (i.e. restrooms in the facility). However, no restrictions on the project, publication, etc. will be in place.

Approval of the COR Meeting Minutes from March 8, 2006. The minutes from the last meeting were distributed by email. Approved; send any corrections or comments to David Duffy by email (

Resolution on Secrecy (Submitted by Michael Jones). The resolution was forwarded to COR for consideration by the SEC. There was a discussion on the appropriate channels for resolutions to be considered by COR. The issues were how best to channel resolution for COR consideration? From faculty members directly; from other senate members; etc. There was also a discussion on the overall content of the resolution surrounding the UARC and classified research. The resolution touched on issues that were more global in nature and the committee needed more time to consider it. Unanimous decision to table the resolution.

Resolution on Flooding (submitted by W. Steven Ward). There was a discussion on whether a resolution was necessary versus asking the Chancellor for a report. COR felt that a strong resolution asking for the report would be appropriate given a previous request by the COR chair for a report received no response. After discussion, the resolution was revised in the meeting; David Duffy will email the revised resolution before presenting to the Senate at the next meeting. P. Donegan moved to accept the revised resolution; P. Lorenzo seconded the motion. Unanimous approval of the revised resolution.

Resolution on the Library and Flooding (submitted by Michael Garcia on behalf of a Senator). General feeling was that the major problem in dealing with future flood episodes needs to be addressed first, which is the focus of the previous Resolution. W. Steven Ward moved to table the resolution, seconded by P. Lorenzo. Unanimous approval to table the resolution.

Consideration of additional Committee Member, Michael Jones. Discussion on the extent of COR responsibilities this year is limited. At most, there will be one more meeting, if at all. Therefore the COR felt that Michael Jones should be considered as a member for 2006-2007. Unanimous approval.

The next meeting may be in May, if the Chair finds that there are issues that the Committee needs to address. The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Bruce Shiramizu April 12, 2006

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