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Manoa Faculty Senate Draft Minutes of Feb 15, 2006

February 15, 2006
Law School Classrom #2

Senators present:
Allsopp, Bangert, Bley-Vroman, Bridges, Chang, Coimbra, Comcowich, Cox, Decarlo, DeMattos, Diamond, Donegan, Ericson, Efird, Fassiotto, Fritzinger, Fujimoto, Garcia, Grandy, Halagao, Hemphill, Hudson, Inazu, Kent, Kipnis, Lampe, Lee, Lorenzo, Magaard, Manshardt, Mark, Minatodani, Nitz, Paull, Raleigh, Ramos, Ramsey, Richardson, Rieder, Rutter, Sansone, Satsuma, Scanlon, Shiramizu, Sipes, Skouge, Staff, Stimson, Tiles, Valliant, Weems, Weinstein, Yue, Yuen

Senators absent:
Aune, Bingham, Buenconsejo-Lum, Fryer, Greene, Haig, Herring, Kamakawiwoole, Kazman, Kennedy, Lee (M.T.), Lopes, Port, Roberts Marlow, Russo, Sanders, Ward, Wieczorek, Yates, Yu

Senators excused:
Baker, Baroni, Duffy, Hawkins,

Chair Robert Bley-Vroman called the meeting called to order at 3:05 p.m.

1. Presentation: Faculty Ambassadors Program


Brianne Gallagher, graduate student and co-chair of Faculty Ambassadors introduced the program, which was started in 1997 by the Senate. Current funding is from GEAR UP, and this funding supports the goal of increasing the number of low-income students who enter college. The program also serves to bridge the gap between UHM and high schools by way of bringing to the high schools interested faculty who can excite students about the possibilities of going to college. The co-chairs help develop appropriate matches between schools and faculty.

John Goldberg-Hiller (Poli Sci) spoke about his experiences visiting the sole high school on Lanai over a number of years. His goal is not necessarily to get the students to apply to UH, but to have them start thinking about the possibility of attending college. He visits once a year, but continues to get questions throughout year. On a typical visit, he might teach 4 classes, giving a typical lecture in a lower-level class. This works to de-mystify the college experience and get students thinking they might be able to succeed in college. He has found his role as an ambassador very interesting, exciting and rewarding.

2. Approval of the Minutes of the January 18, 20006 minutes:

Minutes were approved as presented. Corrections discovered later should be emailed to the Secretary (

3. Chairs Report

Bley-Vroman reported the following information:

a. Retiree participation: Several retirees are present today in support of the CAB resolution to be presented later in this meeting.

b. UARC status report: Bley-Vroman does not know what the President's message to the BOR will contain, but he is expected to make a recommendation. Support on Manoa's stand against UARC has been received from UH Hilo and other campuses. Bley-Vroman revealed he would have favored the other UARC resolution, which provided that only under certain conditions could a UARC move forward. But, he also believes the Chancellor made a correct decision and now it would not be good for President McClain to overturn her decision.

c. External Review of International Programs and Services: Two consultants from the mainland have completed the review and their report is expected soon.

d. External Review of Facilities Management: Some time ago, MFS strongly recommended that an external review be done. The review has finally been done by APPA, a national association of facility managers, who sent a team of 6 people. This blue-ribbon team will be submitting a written report. The results should be good for UHM.

e. Search for System Vice President of Academic Planning and Policy: a search committee has been appointed and a search firm has been selected.

f. Search Advisory Committee for permanent chancellor: Bley-Vroman reported he is the chair, and he is pleased that a number of faculty have been selected. Other committee members have also been recommended. The list of appointees will be released soon.

g. Need to clarify System-Manoa relationships: During today's meeting this issue will be discussed in the context of the resolutions that relate to it.

4. Senate Executive Committee Report

a. Resolution on the need for adequate capacity at Manoa and the right distribution of functions between system and Manoa

Tom Ramsey reported on the background of this resolution. He mentioned that there are very pointed WASC issues that have largely not been addressed. Dobelle during his presidency, took the campus structure and more or less replicated it at the system level, without a thorough examination of what should be at system and campus levels. For example, Joyce Tsunoda as a system vice-president had an office bigger than most of the community colleges had. Some system level offices are too large, yet there are still many unmet needs at system level. An example of this is 403b deductions, which are now handled by the system disbursing office, an office which is grotesquely understaffed to do this kind of work. This work was handed to disbursing after the contractor that had been selected to manage the 403bs was caught embezzling. Although the contractor was properly selected, annual checks of the company's liability insurance for fraud, mismanagement was not done. For now, the system is "making do". We need a system that is right-sized. Before we hire new people in the highest-level jobs, we need clearer job descriptions. This resolution addresses the need to reconfigure.


Mike Garcia (SOEST): Are there no existing documents that address this issue?

Ramsey: We are still sorting this out. Manoa does not have administrative procedures to do what we need to do. We use system-wide policies that imperfectly fit.

Raleigh (SOEST): The resolution doesn't comment on who should do this.

Ramsey: It has been deliberatively left vague, although the SEC prefers that Manoa do the review.

Raleigh: Every campus will want such a review, and getting it done by May 20 may be unrealistic.

Ramsey: We need it soon-before anyone is hired.

Chris Grandy (SS): If we have no specificity in the resolved, from who would we expect a response?

Ramsey: We could ask BOR to take this up.

Lampe (NS): it's a call for everyone concerned to take this up. SEC and CAB will be working on it, and others as needed. Also the Senate must do further work on this.

Raleigh: It's likely the President can look at this and say "fine I'll do that." If you don't specify who is to do it you may end up with something undesirable.

Bley-Vroman: We could amend it?

M. Tiles (Non-senator, PHIL): I suggest that Manoa administration be charged to set up a task force. If the system wants to do their own, they can duke it out. My friendly amendment would be to add " be studied by Manoa".

J. Tiles (A&H): I believe the Manoa administration needs to form a task force with Senate participation. I move we include this.

Lampe: I second.

Ramsey: The Senate can advise Manoa administration; it is shakier ground to advise the system.

Erickson (ED): We should have some standing.

Lampe: Our chancellor's office is starved.

Garcia (SOEST): I would hate to see bloating an administration that is already too large. Resources needed at Manoa should come from the system.

Raleigh: We've had this discussion before. Manoa admin has already done a lot of work to decide what needs to come from system to function well; would prefer to have MFS approval rather than participation. I move to amend the amendment.

The motion was seconded and the Chair called for a voice vote. There was unanimous consent to change the word "participation" to "approval".

Paull (CTAHR): Does this mean approval of the task force or of the task force report?

Lampe: I think two approvals are needed.

Judith Inazu (Soc Sci): I still question whether the Senate needs to approve the study..or just approve the task force. Also, must the report be done by May 20?

Donegan (LLL): Are we suggesting new changes?

Bley-Vroman: read the new amendment (insert)

Larry Nitz (Soc Sci): I would like to see resource proposals.

Amendment passes unanimously by voice vote.

Inazu: Why hasn't Manoa admin already studied this issue? Why do we need this resolution?

J. Tiles: They have already studied it, and we are asking them to move forward with their recommendations.

Bley-Vroman: faculty and administration want to push this forward together.

A vote for the resolution was called:

By voice vote: All in favor except for 2 absentions.

b. Resolution Regarding the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS)

Jim Tiles introduced the resolution on behalf of the SEC, noting there have been several newspaper articles that provide background. After publishing reports that were negative to Manoa, grotesque errors were found, and as a result, Hawaii's low ranking was changed and left us with a much-improved middle ranking. But considerable damage had been done. UHARI is commended for bringing this matter to the attention of SEC. The SEC decided to, via Robert Paull from CTAHR, bring a resolution forward to the Senate. There is also a need to bring this to the All-campus Senate group. The relationship with NCHEMS goes back to the Mortimer administration. There have been earlier problems with NCHEMS work, as Mary Tiles noted in a 2003 report. It is time to sever relationship with this organization; they do not do competent and coherent work. NCHEMS is damaging our ability to get funding. And there is the suspicion that this organization would like to see a state university that is primarily focused on workforce development. In a recent report by Linda Johnsrud, this phrase was the most used phrase in the report.

Bley-Vroman asked to dispense with reading the resolution and asked for discussion.

Tom Schroeder (SOEST, past Senate Chair): It has been frustrating to deal with this organization. Conversations with NCHEMS have not been satisfactory to Manoa. They give power point reports, but then refuse to provide a full written report. The states that get the best reviews are NCHEMS best clients: N. Dakota, Colorado for example. On Maui today, Dennis Jones is scheduled to speak to workforce issues. System-wide planning and budget planning processes have been focused on workforce development, but many campuses do not believe their contributions reside solely in workforce development.

Chris Grandy (Soc Sci): Hasn't the report already been retracted?

Tiles: No it has been corrected, but not retracted.

Bley-Vroman: The resolution is focused on the scholarly responsibility of the authors.

Nitz (Soc Sci) I am shocked that administration would retain consultants hired by presidents who are gone?who were run out of town.

Bley-Vroman: Our current chancellor was instrumental in exposing the errors in the recent report.

Raleigh: Mortimer went to work for NCHEMS when he left UH.

Schroeder: The Senate does not have the power of law. Are they capable of correcting the mistakes?

Ramsey: New studies will show how to do regression studies and will give a correct report. A draft of a correctly done report exists.

A voice vote was taken on the resolution. It carried unanimously with the exception of 1 abstention.

5. CPM Resolution on Non-Permanent US. Resident Faculty

Bley-Vroman stated that since the last meeting, wordsmithing has occurred, but no substantial oppostion to the general idea in the resolution that was being discussed at last meeting when we ran out of time. Now we have a resolution in the same spirit, with improved wording - to be substituted for the resolution presented last month. Bley-Vroman asked if there there were any objections?

Lampe: isn't it a friendly amendment?

Rick Kazman: this version has the blessing of CPM., Neal Smatresk, SEC, and international staff in the ISS and OIE who work on immigration matters.

M. Tiles (Non-Senator): UHPA was also involved and favors the resolution.

The motion was called and by voice vote it passed unanimously.

6. CAB Resolution on UH Faculty Retiree Participation

J. Efird (JABSOM) moved that the resolution be adopted on behalf of CAB.

Bley-Vroman read the resolution.


Paull: the text on the screen disagrees with the handout.

Bley-Vroman: The printed version is the definitive one.

Raleigh: We should send it back to committee to rewrite the first resolved.

Paull: I think we should formalize the situation now. Lets remove "as a group."

Sansome (SOEST): Remove that phrase and two commas and its perfect.

Erickson (ED): We need to correct resolved #4 to match the written version.

Satsuma (SHAPS): I'm asking for clarification: can't anyone from the community come to meetings. Do we need this?

Bley-Vroman: Yes, anyone can come but this suggests a special status we wish to accord to retired faculty.

Jim Skouge, ED: I'm not clear on #2. Is there a venue for the retiree group to make recommendations outside the standing committees?

Riggs (FRAUM): There are 8 Senate committees, so the 8 FRAUM members would meet as a group to comment on anything, and give an opinion as a group?. perhaps in writing, perhaps by speaking in the meetings.

Skouge: Then, "as a group" has a place in #1.

Riggs: Some retirees were in the Senate for many years, and could be of use in long-term planning issues.

The vote on the resolution was called; it passed unanimously, with 1 abstention.

7. CAB Res Regarding Vice President for Student Affairs

Bley-Vroman read the resolution on behalf of CAB and called for discussion.

Sansome: The "resolved" clauses are unusual. He suggested removing the 4 "wills" and each resolve will begin with "that".

Myrtle Ching-Rappa (Non-Senator, OSA): Where did CAB find there is conflicting and overlapping responsibility? My office runs system-wide. If there were no VPSA who would take care of policy issues across campuses?

Tiles: These functions need not be performed by a VP, but by someone at a lower level.

Lampe: The resolution calls for study of the issues.

Raleigh: I'm concerned about singling out the VP student affairs. The only reason we are doing it now is because of the search that is moving forward.

Bangert (BUS): Isn't this redundant since we already passed the overall resolution?

Ramsey: The earlier resolution we passed does address the need to do a larger study, but its valuable to name this office in particular. We have this office because Dobelle created it, even though it was controversial at the time and there were many who felt it was unnecessary.

M. Tiles: UHPA was opposed to the way the system was set up by Dobelle because of the number of VPs. They were told that certain VPs would disappear, namely VPCC and VPS when those in the offices left? But now, they are both apparently being maintained.

Nitz: What is the implication if we pass this resolution, regarding a VPSA search committee?

Bley-Vroman: I want your guidance on naming faculty to a search committee.

Comcowich (SOEST): A strong and assertive voice for student affairs may be needed. We shouldn't be targeting this office.

Kent (Soc Sci): I believe students aren't being well served. I would recommend that we not give names for a search committee.

Sansone: We need greater resources for student services on this campus. The system is sucking up the resources and they should be redistributed to campuses.

Inazu: Again, we have a lack of agent to do the study. Should we specify? We need to specify, charge someone to do it-- if we feel its important.

Skouge (ED): If we don't indicate who should do this, it doesn't make sense.

Tiles: We don't need to specify an agent. We are calling for a justification. A resolution like this points to deficiencies in the system-Manoa relationship. No improvement is needed.

Cox (CTAHR): Should we change #2 from "the review" to "a review"?

Raleigh: I propose all the whereas clauses be removed except for the last one. It's over-kill.

Lampe: Lets keep the first whereas?

Tiles: Lets keep the 4th one too!

Ramsey: Lets respect CABs work, and lets not massively edit it.

Ching-Rappa: Again, I ask where is the evidence that there are overlapping responsibilities? Student Affairs was not consulted by the writers of this resolution.

Raleigh: Lets get rid of some of the whereas clauses?1, 3, 5, 6.

The motion was called and it passed.

In favor: 35
Opposed: 6
Abstention: 2

Skouge: Regarding the search committee for VPSA, did our chair get the guidance he needs?

Bley-Vroman: No

Sansome: It may be dangerous to divorce ourselves completely. I suggest that names be forwarded with the resolution attached.

Lampe: Let's prepare names, but don't forward now. Don't forward unless you have to.

Yuen (CTAHR): You need representation from Student Affairs to be on the search team.

Bley-Vroman: This will happen as all stakeholders must be represented.

Skouge: If you say you won't play?then you have no cards.

8. Biennial Budget Submissions

Raleigh noted that the March 24 budget timeframe is a top-down approach but does not allow for real faculty consultation and participation. He suggested May 15 should be the deadline.

Bley-Vroman: A response has come in pushing back the deadline. It was agreed the initial deadline was not reasonable. In general this is a success story.

9. Committee on Faculty Servie Elections

Kim Bridges stated we are in the process of making the transition to on-line voting, thanks to the help of the IT staff. He now wants feedback on how to improve the process.

Bley-Vroman: Apparently, this new voting method is not increasing participation. We need to keep colleagues to participate, to vote. If we don't get enough participation we are in trouble.

10. New Business:

Bley-Vroman mentioned there are many searches are going on. Engineering Dean search is nearing the end. Others are in progress or about to begin. Bley-Vroman will ask the Chancellor to report on the status of dean searches.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Martha Staff
Secretary, Manoa Faculty Senate

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