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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of May 3, 2006

May 3, 2006
Crawford 105

Senators Present:
Allen, Allsopp, Aune, Bacchilega, Baker, Bangert, Baroni, Binsted, Bley-Vroman, Casken, Chang (H.), Chin, Coimbra, Comcowich, Cox, Crookes, Crosby, Decarlo, DeMattos, Donegan, Duffy, Efird, Fassiotto, Fritzinger, Fryer, Fujimoto, Fukuda, Garcia, Grandy, Haig, Harrigan, Hawkins, Hemphill, Hudson, Inazu, Katz, Kent, Kipnis, Knuth, Lampe, Levinson, Liebert, Lorenzo, Magaard, Manshardt, Mark, Minatodani, Paull, Raleigh, Ramos, Ramsey, Ray, Richardson, Rieder, Rutter, Sansone, Sipes, Staff, Tiles (J.), Tiles (M.), Valliant, Wakayama,Weinstein, Wieczorek, Wilkins, Wright, Yates.

Senators Absent:
Bingham, Bridges, Buenconscjo-Lum, Cadman, Chang (N.), Ericson, Halagao, Herring, Kamakawiwoole, Kazman, Kennedy, Kim, Kuhn, Lee (L.), Lee (M.T.), Nitz, Port, Roberts, Russo, Sanders, Scanlon, Shiramizu, Skouge, Stimson, Ward, Yu.

Senators Excused:
Carlile, Chesney-Lind, Cole, Diamond, Greene, Lopes, Satsuma, Weems, Yue, Yuen.

Invited Chancellors: K. Aune

Chair Bley-Vroman called the meeting to order at 3:12 p.m.

  1. The minutes of the April 19, 2006 meeting were approved. Small corrections can be sent to .

  2. Chair's Report

    a. Bley-Vroman welcomed new and old senators to the last senate meeting of the academic year and made the following comments: He noted it has been been interesting year, with issues relating to two major themes. The first was the UARC debate, which made us reflect on how we debate as a group. Our Chancellor took the senate's UARC recommendation to the President, but he for his own reasons made a different recommendation, with the final outcome still up in the air. Manoa faculty who depend on research funds, and who are required to operate like a kind of small business, have brought a new perspective to the senate. The UARC debate was partially about the nature of the university. We engaged in new dialogues and considered the role of defense-related projects. UH still does not have a firm policy on publication restriction and classified research. This theme is likely to return again soon. The second theme of the year involved the senate considering the future of the higher education system in Hawaii. It dealt with the on-going messy divorce of Manoa from the system. Adminsistrators are still “getting their hands around” what it means to be an independent university. The public has also not realixed that McClain is not our leader at Manoa. But soon, we should begin to see the President having much less direct influence on Manoa operations, hopefully with the Senate and the Chancellor sharing Manoa governance. We are embarking on a permanent chancellor search and faculty are welcome to contribute to the discussion on what characteristics we should want in a chancellor. Finally, the senate gives faculty a broadening, enriching experience to meet with and debate with faculty you may otherwise not interact with. Bley-Vroman hopes faculty senate will continue to play a strong and interesting role in shaping Manoa's new governance.

    Bley-Vroman asked to move Kathy Cutshaw's presentation up on the agenda, to properly set the stage for the first resolution. He reminded senators that ballots were distributed today, and voting would be done today. He noted that written reports were distributed in the packet today from most, but not all, of the committees. At the end of this meeting, time will be saved to discuss committee reports and/or have unstructured discussion.

  3. Update on flood and heavy rain on March 31:

    Kathy Cutshaw noted that a list of projects relating to the Manoa flood in October last year is now posted on her website. She is receiving and organizing data on recent rain damage and projects as well. The website will track jobs and progress, as well as provide visibility and communication. At the Biomed building, work includes site drainage to prevent future flooding, also grading, berming, etc. is in design phase now, with the expectation that state procurement processes will mean that job completion will take 6-8 months. At CBA, plans include improving exterior drainage to better handle surface water and to divert it away from George Hall. At Hamilton Library work includes moat improvements and first floor window reconfiguration as well as new drainage mechanisms around the library near the exits. This work will be on-going until December 2008. Additionally, Hamilton & Sinclair libraries will be re-roofed.

    Cutshaw noted that city, county, and state entities are working on Manoa stream analysis and planning. There is a post-flood forensic study under the Army Corps of Engineers (funded by FEMA, city, state). The report is being reviewed by DLNR and will later be released to the public. When a major rain is forecast, city and state check the stream draining. Also underway is a watershed conservation service feasibility study, to encompass flood mitigation in the area and including UHM. A canal project feasibility study will also occur, carried out by Army Corps of Engineers, sponsored by DLNR to include the areas Waikiki, Manoa, McCully. This should be completed in 2008.

    Senator Garcia asked about FEMA funded projects and the impact on indirect cost rate. Cutshaw didn't know but agreed to get an answer.

    Bley-Vroman asked about the length of the process at the library. Cutshaw said the procedure entailed getting input from the occupants of building, then going through state procurement. One project will entail raising low windows to a higher position on the walls.

  4. Committee on Research: Resolution on Preventing Future Flood Damage on the Manoa Campus

    A representative from CoR stated that Cutshaw's report was satisfactory, and as a result the resolution was not necessary so would be withdrawn. The resolution was read and Bley-Vroman called for objections to withdrawing it. As there were none, the resolution was withdrawn.

  5. Committee on Student Affairs: Resolution Supporting the Development of Enrollment Management

    Bley-Vroman read the resolution and CSA Chair Ramos (CRC) presented a power point to explain the key points and need for this function at Manoa. M. Staff reported that at the last meeting, VCAA Neal Smatresk had thanked the CSA for being supportive of administration's intent to move forward with staffing this function asap.

    Senator Hawkins inquired if this function should be staffed before VCS is hired? Lampe (NS) noted that the VCS search was nearing the end and it appeared there were strong candidates. Ramsey (NS) commented that Manoa is well below the 4 –year graduation rates at peer institutions, but there may be interesting reasons for this that have not been considered. For example, immigrants are averse to borrowing, so education gets stretched to more years. Grandy (SS) asked if enrollment management programs work? Ramos affirmed there is a demonstrated uptrend from schools that have instituted such programs. Comcowich (SOEST) noted the era of “if you build it they will come” is over. Universities need tracking and response mechanisms, and structured ways for faculty to be involved. It was also noted that US World News and World Report ranked UHM very low, and we have a major problem to overcome.

    The question was called, and by voice vote the resolution was adopted unanimously.

  6. New Business- Resolution from the floor on Identify theft

    Fujimoto (Nursing/Dental Hygiene) read the resolution and explained she became concerned when she was completing her parking permit form and had to include her social security number. Parking has already agreed to take it off the form next year. Although the resolution may be nit-picky and may not have the force of law, she wants it to help draw attention to a big problem and the need for security.

    Bley-Vroman reminded the senate we must have a 2/3 vote to pass the measure today. It was moved and seconded that we consider it today, and by voice vote, unanimous except for one person opposing.

    M. Tiles stated she voted against it because she thinks it needs more detail and more consideration. Most universities have very strict policies and we need to have more information. She moved to postpone the issue until first meeting in fall 06. There was no second.

    Discussion ensued as to whether senate should be specific about what should be one. Manshardt (CTAHR) was against this, saying we don't know enough to give specific solutions. Nitz (PS) commented it was good to tell administration specifically what should be done in light of some of the things that are going on.

    Fujimoto suggested adding another resolved clause to include that laptops should be password protected and SSNs should not be stored on university-owned laptops. Paull (CTAHR) asked if we are directing faculty as to what to have on their laptops and noted the senate should not demand that every faculty have a password. Instead, the resolution should be directed at administration. Fujimoto agreed that would be the intent…and that individuals could decide how to manage information on their personal laptops.

    It was moved and seconded to add the new whereas clause. Lampe (NS) said he wanted to change “laptop” to “any portable device”. The amendment should indicate that “SSN and personal info must be password protected It must not be stored on any portable device.” Ramsey asked how many faculty have SSN on the faculty ID? He explained that one can have it removed but it takes 3 weeks. The newly-issued ID cards don't have the SSN, so we are making progress…Also, by state law, if involved in any judgment—petty or serious—your SSN is on the judgment. Some groups are targeting a change here, but the legislature has ignored the problem. He anticipated the heat will be turned up next year.

    The question called and was unanimously approved by voice vote, except for one opposing vote.

    Bley-Vroman adjourned the meeting at 4:20 p.m., after acknowledging the room was not conducive to other discussion because of the noisy air conditioning system.

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Staff
Secretary, Manoa Faculty Senate

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