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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of August 29, 2005

The meeting was called to order about 3:00 p.m. by Chairman Robert Bley-Vroman, with Tom Schroeder, Martha Staff, Barry Raleigh, Jim Tiles, Bill Lampe, and Robert Valliant present. Noel Kent was absent. Senate Secretary Charlotte Misutani was present.

  1. The minutes for August 22 were approved with amendment of item No. 11. The words "that put the control of admissions policy in the hands of the faculty" were changed to read "affirming the role of the faculty in controlling admissions policy". It was noted that there is a WASC policy on faculty control of admissions. This falls under CAPP. However, the CAPP subcommittee on Admissions was abolished.
  2. Chair's report. The regularly scheduled meeting of Bley-Vroman with Interim Chancellor Denise Konan has been rescheduled to Tuesday.

    Concern was expressed that the faculty reception to be hosted by the Chancellor has been moved from the campus to College Hill. The question arose: is this the chancellor's reception or the president's?

    A memo has been sent to the Vice President for Research, Jim Gaines, on the change in RCUH policy.

  3. Business of the day.

    The SEC discussed the Committee on Research Resolution Regarding Proposed Changes to Board of Regent's Policy 5-19. Minor editorial changes were made to the resolution. Tiles noted that the resolution was based on a earlier draft by Roger Lukas. Schroeder pointed out that this did not affect just the Manoa campus but also the community colleges and Hilo -- in effect it has united the system. Schroeder discussed the history of the BOR policy and the probable outcome. The resolution was put on the agenda of the Faculty Senate August 31 meeting.

    Business over the summer. The list of appointments made to committees: GEC and Boards: Carlos Andrade, Jim Marsh, Stephen Canham, Naomi Losch, Nick Schweizer, Dean Alegado, Joan Dodgson, Byron Gangnes, Ruth Bingham, Paukea Nogelmeier, Andrew Crislip, Roger Babcock, John Zuern, Lydon Wester, Richard Bigus, David Bess.

    UARC Committee: Roy Wilkens (HIG), Danielle Conway-Jones (Law), Calvin Pang (Law), David Ross (Math), Sara Rutter, Chair (Library), Jon Osorio (Hawaiian Studies), John Learned (Physics). Jim Tiles, liaison to SEC

    Food Services Advisory Committee: Continued appointment of Swee Berkey pending new appointment from CFS in the fall.

    Search Committee for Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: Jeff Brooks-Harris (OSA), Ann Bayer (Educ), Linda Duckworth (ISS)

    Athletics Advisory Board: Barry Baker, Gay Satsuma, Brent Sipes Norma Jean Stoddard. (Stoddard has declined. She will be replaced.

    Council on Intercollegiate Athletics: Referred matter of choosing Senate's representative to COIA to the CoA.

    All-Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs: Jim Times as second representative (Robert Bley-Vroman is a representative by virtue of being Senate Chair)

    Chancellor's Special Committee on Faculty Housing: Eric Guentner.

  4. Miscellany:

    Transmitted to administration by the CAB Subcommittee on Facilities, Auxiliary Services and CIP: (1) Faculty Housing Life Cycle Cost Analysis (2) Interim Report on Faculty Housing Qualitative Survey by the CAB Subcommittee

    Concurred with the proposal to award an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters to Madam Shen Xiaomei Master Jingju (Beijing/Peking Opera) Artist and Teacher

    Chancellor search: Suggested that an introductory preamble might be added to memorandum to President in order to set the background.

    Task Order Review Committee: Suggested that a preamble might be added to explain the background.

    Rules of Order: Decided to hand out to the Senate both the UHPA summary of Robert's Rules of Order and the "Guide to the Procedures of the Manoa Faculty Senate" prepared by the Chair Robert Bley-Vroman. The question of time limits on debate and the nature of friendly amendments was discussed.

    Manoa Faculty Senate Agenda: Changed the order of the items.

    Committee assignments: Lampe noted that CAPP needs more people, given the heavy work load. Suggested that CFS put out a call to to the faculty for people willing to serve on CAPP.

  5. Committee Reports

    CAPP (Lampe) - CAPP has formed subcommittees for the items referred to it: (1) Smatresk memo on changes in certificate approval, (2) interdisciplinary PhD, and (3) certificates.

    CSA (Staff) - CSA has not yet met. The alcohol policy has been referred to it.

    CAB (Raleigh) - CAB will meet on Sept 7. Has elected chair.

    CPM (Tiles) - At the first meeting only 3 members showed up. Items that might need to be raised (1) policy on whistleblowers, data ownership when research collaborators breakup; (2) proprietary research. Part of the Kipnis report might be turned into a resolution. (3) denial of tenure and movement of position from Manoa to West Oahu. Bley-Vroman suggested that CPM might want to look into this issue since it affects tenure issues.

    CFS (Raleigh) - Reported on last week. Raleigh suggested that new policy on elections to SEC might be considered in light of CFS' decision to appoint to SEC members who had received very few votes in last election.

    CoA (Lampe) - CoA met and elected chair. It will take up (1) alcohol policy, (2)representative to COIA, and (3) admission issue.

    CoE (Kent) - not present, no report

    CoR (Tiles) - Resolution has been sent to Senate. Next meeting will be on Sept 7.

  6. Unfinished business:

    Stadium issue: Committee members noted that Interim President McClain had taken the lead in speaking out on the stadium issue when it was rightfully an issue for the Manoa chancellor. The SEC felt that the interim chancellor should be supported on this issue. CA and CAB will consider a joint resolution, pointing out to the president that both alcohol on campus and athletics are a Manoa issue. A resolution should be ready for the Sept 21 meeting.

    Chancellor Search: MLT and MME have been disbanded. SEC wants to work with Deans and Directors to push search along. Decided to explore ways to make this happen.

    Sexual harassment policy was referred to CPM

SEC adjourned at 5:12

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