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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of September 19, 2005

Present: SEC: Chairman Robert Bley-Vroman, Martha Staff, Barry Raleigh, Jim Tiles, Bill Lampe, Noel Kent and Robert Valliant; VCAA Neal Smatresk (left at 3pm)

Senate Secretary Charlotte Mitsutani was present.

  1. VCAA Neal Smatresk began the discussion at about 3:05pm.
    1. Honor's College

      The VCAA said that he felt that an Honors College lacked broad support and had no buy-in from the stakeholders. At present only English and Political Science provided active supported. He felt that an Honors College would require a fairly substantial investment and that pouring scarce funds into an Honors College might not be the best use of the money.

      The discussion moved to the question of how to measure the effectiveness of a program. Raleigh asked about metrics that could be used for all programs on campus. The VCAA noted the insightful reports submitted by the Council on Program Reviews (COPR). Tiles said that he served on COPR and while the review committees were made up of faculty, they did not determine what happened to the program.

      The VCAA noted that eliminating programs -- so-called vertical cuts -- were difficult at most universities, but impossible here. He also pointed out that no money had been cut from the Honors Program. He said that the administration planned to use a system of differential rewards to encourage change in programs.

      The VCAA suggested that CAPP might want to review the Honors College. Lampe noted the committee's heavy workload and asked if yet another item should be added if, given the university's financial situations, nothing could be done about it for two or three years.

      It was decided to let CAPP determine the priority of the Honors College on its agenda.

    2. Reorganization of A&H academic units

      The VCAA began the discussion by noting that the dean of A&H was leaving at the end of the year, that Natural Sciences and LLL had interim deans and only Social Sciences had a permanent dean. He felt the time was right for a broad discussion on organization. He had no specific agenda. Anything was on the table, but any reorganization of A&S must serve the faculty or there was no sense in it. He had already been talking to each department in A&S.

      The VCAA noted that there would probably be minor tweaks in A&H, but that the conversations should also include SHAPS --- since when the new School of Hawaiian Knowledge was formed SHAPS wouldn't have any students --- and the Academy of Creative Media. He wanted to get the latter out of his office and into an academic unit.

      Lampe suggested that to reach the faculty, he go to the A&S faculty senate. If that body found the idea worth pursuing, the Manoa Faculty Senate could set up a task force.

    3. Meeting of Oct 6

      At the meeting on Oct 6, there will be a review of the budget for the last 5 years, by unit, and by funding source. It will include RTRF and extra-mural funding. The discussion will even extend to space and space requirements at Manoa.

      There will be an overview of the metrics the VCAA's office uses. The goal is for all units to share the same data set. This will help in planning critical investments.

      The VCAA sees little more in the way of G-Funds. The new revenue stream will come from S-Funds. Much of that money will be used to improve the quality of undergraduate education. He emphasized that it is undergraduate education that pays for graduate education.

  2. Business of the day.
    1. Chancellor Search}

      Bley-Vroman said that the deadlines that the SEC had hoped for could not be met. He suggested that the entire process be broken down into components, some of which could proceed in parallel. The most difficult obstacle came in choosing the head of the search committee. He proposed 5 things that needed to be done: (1) setting the parameters of the search process (2) deciding the makeup of the search committee and choosing it; (3) writing a job description; (4) choosing a chair of the search committee, and (5) researching how searching are done at other universities.

      He noted that the Chancellor and Heather Crislip had made a good effort to get the job done, but that they had started too late. In addition, the Chancellor had to consult a wide variety of groups.

      The committee felt that getting the chair of the search committee appointed was crucial. Several names were floated. Raleigh said that the stature and intellectual aura of the chair and the committee could not be over-rated. They represented the university and would be an important determinant in enticing someone to come.

      When asked, Bley-Vroman said that the SEC ran the last chancellor search and that the Senate was not asking for near was much authority this time.

      The committee decided to work up a draft advertisement and circulate it.

    2. Senate Agenda of 9/21 The committee decided to reorder the draft agenda.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. CSA (Staff) - Received a letter asking that Alan Yang be appointed VC for Student Affairs.
    2. CAB (Raleigh) - None
    3. CFS (Raleigh) - None
    4. CoA (Lampe) - Explained President McClain's attendance at a committee meeting. The president offered to come. The Lt. Governor asked the president about UH's alcohol policy on all campuses. The chancellor will make a statement about why the president appears to be speaking for Manoa in this case.

      The Committee is also working on a resolution on ``uncivilized behavior'' at ball games. It was suggested that the mascot, Vili Fehoko, and the team should be reigned in order to prevent bad behavior.

    5. GenEd (Kent) - None
    6. CPM (Tiles) - None
  4. Approval of Minutes of 9/12

    Adopted, with committee to submit corrections via email.

The meeting adjourned at 4:41pm.

Faithfully submitted
Robert Valliant

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