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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of October 3, 2005

Present: SEC: Chairman Robert Bley-Vroman, Martha Staff, Jim Tiles, Bill Lampe, Noel Kent and Robert Valliant. Absent Barry Raleigh.

Senate Secretary Charlotte Mitsutani was present.

  1. Chair's Report
    1. Bley-Vroman sent a copy to Chancellor Konan of the SEC's letter to President McClain about transfer of a College of Education position to West O'ahu. The SEC has asked McClain to respond by October 10.
    2. Bley-Vroman met with Konan to discuss the chancellor search. Bley-Vroman, Konan, and McClain will discuss the matter on October 3. Then Konan and Bley-Vroman will meet with the deans on October 4. The hope is that the deans will appoint a small group to work with the SEC toward a common approach to the search process, perhaps meeting with the SEC on October 10 or before.
    3. Bley-Vroman represented the Senate at JABSOM festivities on Friday, September 30, for the dedication of the new JABSOM facilities. A ceremony recognized the gift of \$2.5 million by the Lung Association to endow research in pulmonary health at JABSOM.
    4. Heather Crislip is on maternity leave. Myrtle Yamada will be filling in for her.
    5. UARC contract is here. No one has had a chance to read it yet.
    6. Waimano Biohazard facility. It now falls under the Vice President for Research.
  2. Business of the Day
    1. Chancellor Search

      The Interim Chancellor feels that it is important to meet with the Interim President before moving on the search. Bley-Vroman will meet with the deans and directors on Tuesday to discuss the search and the SEC's position. It might be good to have a small group from the deans and directors talk to the SEC. Bley-Vroman noted that he sensed a lack of urgency on almost everyone's part.

    2. Removal of a position to West Oahu

      The committee noted the differences in approach to the problem by the Interim President and the Interim Chancellor.

    3. UARC

      The UARC committee felt that of the 2 suggested resolutions---``not con'' and ``not con max''---proposed by the SEC, the ``not con'' position would find the most would support. The SEC wanted to be clear that it did not favor any particular resolution, its goal was to facilitate the deliberative process.

      The Committee discussed the possibility of the Senate accepting neither the ``con'' nor the ``not con''. Should there be a resolution with no ``whereas'' clauses? It was decided to bring the ``con'' resolution before the Senate first. The Senate will decide whether or not to refer the matter to the Congress.

    4. Committee Reports
      1. Committee on Athletics (Lampe). Will meet next Tuesday. It is working on a resolution on alcohol and behavior.
      2. CAPP (Lampe). Will meet with VCAA Smatresk on Wednesday. CAPP asked the SEC for a decision on a Committee on Admissions. Three standing committees have an interest. The SEC decided to set up a CAPP subcommittee with representatives from the Committee on Athletics and Committee on Student Affairs. Lampe called yet again for more members for CAPP.
      3. CAB (Raleigh - absent). Will meet on Wednesday. Kent said that he would go.
      4. GenEd (Kent). Continues to discuss courses on articulation. It feels that Banner might be undermining articulation.
      5. CFS (Raleigh - absent). SEC forwarded resignation of Linda Englebert from the ethics focus board to CFS for a replacement.
      6. CPM (Tiles). Waiting for a report on research integrity and ethics policies from the administration. Waiting for resolution from the Committee on Research on proprietary research.
      7. CoR (Tiles). Waimano Biohazard facility will be contentious in local politics. The City Council has people working on the issue.
      8. CSA (Staff). Meets tomorrow. The alcohol and admissions issues have been referred to the committee. The SEC decided to refer the issue of prioritizing what should be done in the interim chancellor's Year of the Student to the committee
  3. Noel Kent distributed copies of a document on UHM military contracting and possible conflicts of interest. The SEC decided to ask CAB's advice on whether these issues should be taken up.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

Faithfully submitted
Robert Valliant

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