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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of October 17, 2005

Present: SEC: Chairman Robert Bley-Vroman, Noel Kent, Bill Lampe, Barry Raleigh, Martha Staff, Jim Tiles and Robert Valliant.

Senate Secretary Charlotte Mitsutani was present.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm by Chair Robert Bley-Vroman
  2. Approval of Oct 10 minutes

    The minutes of Oct 10 were approved with the stipulation that any changes would be submitted within 2 days.

  3. Chair's Report

    Regarding the chancellor search, Chair Bley-Vroman reported that he had met with Interim Chancellor Konan. He also said that he had offered to chair the search committee if it would move the process along more quickly. He said that he expected the Interim Chancellor to go into decision-making mode shortly and come back to the SEC with a proposal. He said to expect the standard search committee: deans, faculty, stakeholders, etc.

  4. Business of the Day
    1. Resolutions

      The SEC will distribute draft resolutions ``con'' and ``not con'' at Wednesday's Faculty Senate meeting. These will be considered at the meeting scheduled for October 26. It is anticipated that these drafts will be amended on the floor.

      The SEC discussed the draft resolutions at length, changing, amending, etc.

      The committee decided to keep the changes minimal and let the Senate look at and make changes on the floor.

    2. Congress

      The SEC moved to a discussion of how the Congress should actually be run. It was noted that one senator wanted to give a 20 minutes presentation. That was considered too long, given the number of people who would probably want to speak. The committee decided on a 5 minute time limit for speakers until all who wanted to speak had, then longer talks would be allowed.

      The SEC decided not to have a sign-up sheet for the Congress.

      The SEC decided on a 3 minute time limit for the Senate next week (Oct 26).

  5. Committee Reports

    An appointment to GenEd had been sent to Linda Cox.

    On the question of language policy, GenEd has decided that it does not want to deal with the issue. Under current policy, an school or college wishing to drop the language requirement must consult with the Senate. That has been with GenEd. Now the committee not longer wishes to have that task.

The meeting adjourned at 5:40pm.

Faithfully submitted
Robert Valliant

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