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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of October 31, 2005

Present: SEC: Chairman Robert Bley-Vroman, Noel Kent, Bill Lampe, Barry Raleigh, Martha Staff, Jim Tiles and Robert Valliant.

Senate Secretary Charlotte Mitsutani was present.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:40 pm by Chair Robert Bley-Vroman
  2. Chair's Report


  3. Business of the Day
    1. Discussion of Previous Meeting

      Decided to organize a 4-person committee: Bley-Vroman, Raleigh, Lampe, Tiles to consider the relationship between the System and Manoa.

    2. UARC

      Still nothing from the lawyers. The committee believes that the lawyers are taking their time and probably putting other business first.

      Tiles pointed out that this will be the only due diligence the contract receives. The BOR has not hired its own lawyers.

      The Interim's President's view is that this is in Manoa's hands now. When it gets to the System level, the contract will be looked at then.

      The SEC voted to cancel the scheduled Wednesday meeting.

    3. Approval of Oct 24 minutes

      The minutes of Oct 24 were approved with the stipulation that any changes would be submitted within 24 hours.

    4. Secret ballot on UARC

      The Committee on Faculty Service wants a secret ballot on the UARC issue. It feels that there has been enough intimidation.

    5. Faculty needed to serve on search committee

      CFS needs to name one person to serve on the search committee for a Director of Financial Aid.

    6. Putting Kajihiro's material on UARC website

      The Committee decided not to put materials offered by Kyle Kajihiro on the UARC website. A link was sufficient.

  4. Committee Reports


The meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

Faithfully submitted
Robert Valliant

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